With Over 800+ Million users on facebook, and other growing numbers across other social networks. One would make fun of an idea where we have social network ID Card like a Facebook ID to enter a Joint, twitter ID to enter a show, or a LinkedIn ID to get a Job. Well Tobias Leingruber, a german artist has brought that future closer to us by making and distributing Facebook ID Cards with your Information on them.

The project is called FB Bureau, and Leingruber is handing out these futuristic identification cards at conferences in Berlin and Amsterdam next month.

Here’s how Leingruber explains the Facebook ID card:

Governments like Germany have released new passports that offer online identity checks as well, but they will likely never succeed with their technologies given the already existing structure of Facebook, powered by lazieness (or convience). The other way around though – A future where a Facebook Identity becomes more important than any governments’ doesn’t seem unrealistic. This possible future is already half-way there. What is exciting about this, what can be our role as artists and why should one even bother? Let’s find out!

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While this identification card is pretty much useless for purposes other than vanity, Facebook Connect is easily the most popular way to connect to websites today and could become quite useful for real-world signups in the future, such as payment systems. Some think that you may even be able to vote for the President using your Facebook credentials one day.