Trying to Install the New Adobe Flash Player and failed? Welcome to my world…. I had the same issue trying to install the new adobe flash player after i re-installed my Operating System (Vista), I search through Adobe websites buh seems there are to many fix to go through.. I even tried installing the AdobeAIR Installer itself wondering if that could be my problem.

So what was my problem? Well The Download was successful but at a point, It wants to download or do some retrieval and the i get the Error “Installation Encountered Errors” – Action List Not Found

¬†After digging around, I found my fix somewhere in the middle …

Actionlist not found / Unable to download metafile / Failed to initialize / Certification authentication failed / Invalid certificate

Solution: Check the network connectivity. Ensure that your machine has enough virtual memory. If the issue persists, use the direct links to download Flash Player installer.

Fix is simple…Download the Normal Previous EXE Installer Here

Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)

Flash Player Plug-in (All other browsers)

Just Install normally and you should be good to go with your browser flash plays.

Adobe Player Installation Help Page