We have heard and talked about Cloud Computing, Models and System http://www.flukkytom.com/cloud-computing-what-is-it/ and the increasing adoption by todays big firms and corporate organisation. But the adoption brings question about security, loss pf privacy and unauthorized access to confidential data but nonetheless businesses still see the cloud as a way to go, with even the mobile business entering large era of Cloud system ad Tablet Cloud Apps.

Today the three defined Model of Cloud IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS has taking off with IBM, Amazon-rds, Windows Azure, CloudFoundry, RackSpace, Oracle, Heroku, Google just to mention a few and even Telecoms branches in with Content Cloud. The idea Cloud has brought is the global reach of throwing Service directly in front ahead of Products and everything is going Service Oriented even Products.

Okay today, I say the 3 large models cannot define what we have in the service industry today, i wish i could define SaaS (Service-As-A-Service) or Product-As-A-Service (PaaS2) so inshort i think we should rebuild the Model with the top being AaaS (Anything-As-A-Service) before breaking down to either Platform, Software, Infrastructure, Products or whatever it maybe.

Well, i guess putting it like that gives Cloud Computing a Service-Like Definition which includes the enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources, whatever the resource can be that can be shared in the service-sphere is good to go. As said earlier, Startups run on Cloud systems, Apps fly fastest on the Cloud, even conceptual services are now branded in the cloud. Simply put, since anything can be taken to the Cloud-base level then AaaS is a broader model mother for Cloud.

Okay, I know Anything in AaaS sounds not professional so should we try EaaS (Everything-As-A-Service)?

#Just Saying ….

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