Data loss is not an if. It’s a when. Files get corrupted, hard drives fail. And from spilled lattes to floods, theft and fires, your computer is susceptible to physical disasters. Then there’s the threat of viruses, hackers, and cybercriminals.

When disaster hits, backups become priceless.

Its fun using your Computer (Desktop/Laptop) and while it serves you well, you forget that the safety of that device can be affected by anything and its not the device that is painful, Its the data on the Computer that becomes priceless when its gone.

It happened to me 3 years ago, With an encryption algorthm over my Hard Drive, I got into issues with PointSec and my IT Guys were like the System was irrecoverable. I had a 3 months old backup but trust me thats too old for a developer like me because 3 new Applications are missing already with that Computer and other files if not restored. I kept faith for almost 3 months but still had to roll the machine down. I learnt the hard way that “If that file is really important, Give it a second location, If possible, A third

You should know some basic things

  1. Data loss is painful, Oh, can be very very painful
  2. Backups are very easy (wonder why people procastinate it) so Do yours Now
  3. Get a 2nd and if possible 3rd Backup for your Critical Files

Todays technology makes it easier to Store Data in the Cloud, even with free storage, people still dont backup to it. DropBox, ICloud and other File Storage websites helps you store your files in the cloud and in different locations just so you dont loose files free , you only pay if they get heavy. So i believe the fault is yours if you get a data loss so again backup now.

What are you waiting for, Schedule a full Backup Now!