Research in Motion (RIM) announced on Monday 7th June that it has acquired Scoreloop, a mobile social gaming company and makers of a cross-platform mobile gaming developer toolkit. The terms of the deal or details as to RIM’s future plans were not disclosed.RIM simply says that it plans to provide tools to the BlackBerry developer community to “take gaming to a new level of social integration.”

What is Scoreloop?

Scoreloop provides everything you need to add social elements to any game. From developers to brands, operators and OEMs, Scoreloop’s social gaming ecosystem and SDK creates instant communities and connections, and new ways to generate revenues from mobile games.

Unlike other social mobile gaming platforms Scoreloop is customizable and cross-platform, meaning that developers can add as many or as few Scoreloop features as they want. From simple social network connections to in-app purchases and virtual currency, Scoreloop makes mobile games more social and profitable.

Ask whether its only blackberry from now on, I don’t think so because according to Mark (Scoreloop CEO), they will still maintain their cross-platform approach. Again with Scoreloop’s foray in android solutions, We might just be seeing the Android in Blackberry.


Will Blackberry adopt the Android OS?