The Google Chrome Web Store has launched! There are quite a few apps available, both free and paid, ready for you to install in your Chrome browser. The slick New York Times app that Google demoed is now available, as well as many other popular apps. In addition to apps, the web store features Chrome extensions and themes. Go check it out now!

Google utilizes its checkout system to make transactions easy and, within the Chrome browser, webapp performance is fast. You want to try out the chrome webstore? You need Google Chrome to install apps, extensions and themes.

Download Google Chrome

Here are a few thoughts about the Chrome Web store:

  • Web apps will make Chrome stickier and encourage a few more downloads. Why are those additional downloads of Chrome important? Google can grow market share and control more of its destiny. If the search giant can make the browser an entertainment diversion as well as productivity tool, the market share gains will come.
  • Chrome the browser is a starter set for the Chrome OS. The more people that try the browser, the more folks will be open to the Chrome OS.

Hey! you’ll love it, download Chrome today and check out the webstore.