Database Concepts has always been an interesting topic to me. Since my early introductions to Dbase III asnd IV (which i used for my ND Project), I have always taking every turn with anything Database – developments, SQL, Optimizations and what have you. The fancy is that no real application is complete today without a Database and that makes it a more fascinating aspect of computing.

Concepts like Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Text/Web Mining, Database Types (Multimedia, Relational, Object Oriented e.t.c) dominate the research world of Databases. And Players like Microsoft (SQL Server), Oracle (Oracle, MySQL, TimesTen), Sybase, PostGreSQL push the usage and developments of DB to an interesting Height.

If you are asking about my take on these technologies as regards benchmarking, good better best or the versus stories, you’ll wait till some other editions on more definite topics. However, Completing my M-Tech thesis on Data Warehouse and Data Mining, I bundled my earlier review which you can take a look at. I believe its useful for novice and professional guys.

Download the Manual here

I intend to take this Database Technologies bit by bit but if you need to jump-start any Database discussions. Feel free to post it in or contact me.

See you on the DB lane.