Are you new to Google Apps or you registered for the Apps for Business 30 Days trial before realizing its better to use the Standard Google Apps and Upgrade only when the need is there? Then well, welcome on board flight DGA101 (Downgrade Google Apps).

If you are new just go to and set you account free on the Standard Google Apps.

Just in case you are going for the Full Apps for Business, Then your link would be

For those who want the downgrade, Loginto your Google Apps Account and follow the process below (As documented by Google Help Center)

If you are still withing the 30-day trial

If you’d like to downgrade to Google Apps free edition within your first 30 days, follow these steps to cancel the Google Apps for Business free trial:

  1. Sign in to the Google Apps administrator control panel.
    The URL is, where primary-domain-name is the domain name you used to sign up for Google Apps.
  2. Click Domain settings.
  3. Click the Subscriptions & Billing tab.
  4. Click the Cancel Google Apps for Businesslink.
    This link appears only when your Google Apps for Business trial account has 10 or fewer users (the Google Apps free edition limit). If your account has more than 10 users, you must end the trial and begin your subscription.
    • Email storage will be downgraded to Google Apps limits per user account.
    • Existing email archives will be stored by Google. Users exceeding their storage limit cannot send or receive new mail. Learn more
    • Some advanced tools such as migration and API access will no longer be available.
    • To resume your current service, you can re-upgrade to Google Apps for Business at any time.
  5. Click Yes, cancel the free trial.

This change may take up to 30 minutes to take effect. To re-enable a Google Apps for Business subscription, you can re-upgrade to Google Apps for Business at anytime.

After the 30-day trial

If you’d like to cancel your Google Apps for Business subscription after the end of the free trial, the timing and financial aspects depend on your billing plan. For more information, please see the Billing topic.