Facebook has begun rolling out a new single-column design for Timelines which better organize users’ personal pages and places greater emphasis on communication between friends.

The revamped Timeline has gone live for users in New Zealand, which is regularly Facebook’s first port of call for new rollouts. As screenshots from TNW show, all communication from friends and status updates placed in the left-hand side column only. This left side column has been made larger to place greater emphasis on messages, with the right hand side now made smaller as a result. For example, the Friends box is now 3×3 instead of 2×4.

Old Design vs New Design

The new redesign also tidies Timeline headers. Boxes that link through to ‘Friends’, ‘Photos’, ‘Maps’ and ‘Likes’ have been removed, these items are now listed in a menu which, when clicked, brings them up separately.

“Our initial observation is that the new Timeline is indeed cleaner and easier to navigate. Previously, it could get awkward when messages would appear on both right and left columns, making it easier to miss or gloss over an update from a friend. Of course, the new design does have the issue of wasted space on the right hand side as you scroll down a Timeline but, since most people want to keep up with the latest information — which doesn’t require much scrolling — we think that the positives outweigh the negatives. – TheNextWeb

It should reach you soon, remember when the timelines were coming, it took time, are we going to have an option to move or stay put with our present design? I cant say but it will be good to see what facebook wants 2013 to be like for its over 1 billion users