Nigeria got her independence October 1, 1960 and this year 2010, She is 50 years old on her own. Where do we start to describe this 50 year old country? A country of over 154.7 million people inside and millions out her shore, a country of great minds yet untapped, a country of immense prospect but with a dead purpose, a country blessed with resources yet being ruined with poverty, a country of plenty but yet everything is scarce, a country big enough for all yet we are strangled with space, a country of light yet broadened by darkness, yes Nigeria is a great country but today her story is like that of a giant in a coma state, we know she has strengths but who knows whether she will ever wake up to that full potential? who knows?

Many times, i have mixed feelings about what’s wrong with Nigeria, and i think it’s because everything is wrong with us. There is just a decay in everything and we need more than what we are doing today to rise from our mud. Look at all countries that had independence after us, many of them are far better than us today. We live in plenty but yet we lack. It’s good to be sympathetic with Nigeria because you get to pray for her, Be Optimistic for her and you try to do your part, be judgmental and maybe we know what we are doing wrong, stand up so that we can know that we are serious about getting somewhere. It’s funny but when you ask your self what works in Nigeria, the simple answer is like “Nothing Works”.

We are sick – No Healthcare, We are in darkness – No Power, We run everyday just to find what to eat – Poverty, we cant even live under a good roof – No shelter, Swimming pools on all our roads – No roads, Robbery, Assassination, Kidnapping – No Security, No Infrastructure, Literacy level is low – Poor Education !!! If somehow i think if we were still colonized by the British, we would be better then i think our problem is our drivers – LEADERSHIP. Our leaders are eithier with no ideas of what to do or short of it, We don’t have to re-invent any wheel to be a developed country because all we need to do is implement what the developed countries have done to be where they are. And ohhh, the main dragon that has eaten every sector of Nigeria – CORRUPTION. Nigeria needs to be purged before we can move on.

This year we celebrate our golden Jubilee, Nigeria is 50 and here are some links about the celebration and what people have to say……

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My Submission

My fellow Nigerians, Our road to being awaken is far ahead but to get there we need to start NOW

1. We need to Fight Corruption everywhere we are be you Christian, Muslim or whatever

2. We need to vote the right leaders since we practice democracy now, that’s our best weapon to start getting rid of these old clowns in the system.

3. We need to be professional about our lives, by this i mean doing the right thing at your end and keep people around you doing the same.

4. Be Patriotic, stand and live for what is right.


I love Nigeria and i know i will live to see it GREAT. Vote me for Presidency – 2023…yeepeeeee

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