Before, Facebook only gave you a few seconds to make an edit, which resulted in moments of panic before you either had to delete a comment or just live with it. On Thursday night, that all changed when Facebook decided to let users edit comments.

We’ve all typed things on Facebook that we regret. Over-the-top angry responses to shared political articles. Weirdly inappropriate comments under a friend’s photo. Typo-ridden exclamations under a big announcement.

Some people have had access to this feature in small batches, but report that they had only 30 seconds to make an edit. You can go back and edit your comments any time, even all of your historic comments on existing status messages and the like. That’s pretty awesome.

In addition, Facebook will be showing the edit history for a comment, so that everyone else that comes along can have the full context of the conversation.

This feature is particularly important because a lot of publications have started using Facebook’s commenting system, and it’s a feature that most other commenting systems already have.

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