smsBAG – The Short Story


I sent my first Web2SMS in 2003 and over the years, I kept asking how its been done. 2008, I woke up this need-to-know mind and i went searching again, This time i started sending web2sms again with API connectivities. I designed a fully functional local App on my laptop that could connect to an sms gateway via HTTP, has an addressbook, and holds a record of sent messages. I later decided i’ll upload it on one of my online servers so that i could use it anywhere even if my Laptop was not with me.

July 2009, I decided i needed to formalize this integrated sms solution into my upcoming e-commerce business but first i needed a hang of it so i decided to go semi public. My room wall was filled with Cardboards, flowcharts and Process flows. August 2009, i registered the name, called a team together and we decided to give sms as an integrated service to the Nigeria market.

December 2010, Our second Xmas, 14+ months in existence, It has been a long, rough, rewarding and Technologically challenging year but we are glad to be out there delivering a service that works! We are working towards a more perfect and efficient system come 2011. To all our clients, Friends, Partners and well wishers, we wish you a wonderful time this season.

From: the smsBAG Team