I spend a lot of time watching music videos with headphones while I’m on the computer. And for some reason, even when I completely shut off all skype sounds whatsoever, including notifications, whenever I get a notification from someone on a minimized or hidden/covered skype window, the notification plays through my speakers, along with any audio playing at that time for the duration of the notification sound.

It gets frustrating when you hear “9ice” blasting loud from my speakers when i have my headphones in just because i got a notification

To resolve this issue, I had to go to sound prefrences in the control panel and disable “Communicaitons Headphones”.

Once I did that, everything worked fine!

┬áStart -> Control Panel -> Sound -> Right Click and “Disable” Communications Headphones.

( also, if you right click on the window and press “show disabled devices” you can bring it back )