Submitting Your Website To Search Engines Free and other Traffic Websites, yeah thats possible without paying a dime. Here what we will talk about …

• Free Website Submission to Google Yahoo Bing Search Engines
• Using Social Trends to drive Traffic to your Website Free

Why pay someone to submit your website to the major search engines when you can do it for free?

Companies or Individuals that tell you that they can submit your website to 1000’s of search engines for a price are just ripping you off. There are only 3 major search engines that matter, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Once you get included in these major search engines, the other search engines and directories will begin to include your website in their listings.

For Google: Its better to register up and use the Webmaster access at there you can add your website and track visits and traffic to your site

Yahoo and Bing have merged their Search Submission Tool so its 2 for the work of 1:

Someone said that Google is actually the only one that matters, Well i leave you to decide when you start seeing traffic to your site and find out which of the search engines actually drive traffic to your website.

How Long After I Submit My Website To The Search Engines Will It Show In The Search Engine Listings?

If you have a brand new website, and have submitted your website to the search engines you can expect the following:

These search engine events vary depending upon several factors.

• Website Submission, Day 1
Submit your web site to these search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) using our website submission.

• Website Submission, Week 1
The search engines will have sent a spider to verify the existence of your domain and website during this time period. You should verify the search engine visited your website by checking your website log files, or by typing your domain name into the search engine search box.

• Website Submission, Week 2-6
During this time, the search engine will begin to index your web pages. It will visit each page and bring the contents of your website into the search engine database. You will begin to see your website pages slowly being brought into the search engine listings a page or two at a time.

• Website Submission, Week 7-12
You will begin to see your site listed in the search engine results pages. This is where you begin to seriously watch your search engine placement. Your placement will vary wildly during this time period, it’s a normal process for the search engines.

So How does Social Sites Help me with my Traffic?

Well today as you know, we all live on the Internet and are slowly forgetting that the Outer-net is still out there. Anyways, There are three major Sites you might want to use for you Traffic sourcing. Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I am sure you already have a personal page on Facebook by now and maybe a Twitter Handle or a Google+ Account. Did i forget LinkedIn? no i didn’t but if your product runs within the Professional circle then make sure to add the social broadcast also through this medium.

You can use your main accounts or better still Create a new Facebook Page for your website, A new Twitter Handle for your site and a Google+ Page. With the grace of Apps like AddThis, You can send posts and product links directly using social sharing and get people within your social ring and drive traffic to your website.

Other sites you might consider working on include,,,, and others, The Addthis social ring helps you with a host of other sites to help your social shout.

Well, aside the search engines which will automatically keep coming for new contents. You have to actively manage your social spread for your website. Dont worry, Its not that much of a work, It will come along, after all, Its social right?

Okay, That’s a brief for you for now, Go get your site some search engine license and social sight.