One of the dominating news and expectations in the technology sector this year is the introduction of Tablet Computers, major electronics and mobile companies and working to get their own market share following iPads success last year. This month Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPLNews) iPad 2 was released with upgrades and many still call it the market killer. With other companies like Blackberry, HP, Samsung, ASUS getting on the Tablet train, Its safe to say that the Tablet Computer market is going hyperdrive.

Apple will this month double the number of iPads on the market following this week’s unveiling of iPad 2. Research firm Gartner predicts the influx will mean more than 64 million tablet computers will be sold in 2011, up from 20 million last year and none the year before.

ASUS revealed plans to launch a new tablet in Australia next month.

And a slew of tablet computers are poised to appear from big-name brands including Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, BlackBerry and HP.

But Gartner research vice-president Van Baker said Apple was likely to dominate sales after claiming such an early lead in 2010 with around 55 million tablets to be be sold over the year.


Samsung Galaxy Tab


Where is the competition? While Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom shows great promise and features, Availability of the iPad seems to be giving Apple the edge in the market. wired.com wrote an interesting article on how the Blackbberry Playbook Measures up.


Want to read about the juice on the Playbook, use the blackberry link http://us.blackberry.com/playbook-tablet/

Webtablab gives an insightful comparison on samsung, ipad, and motorola here http://webtablab.com/apple/tablet-war-apple-ipad2-vs-motorola-xoom-vs-samsung-galaxy-tab-10-1/

Where is Microsoft in the Tablet Market? Even though there was a showcase of a Microsoft Tablet 8, According to news from Bloomberg last week , Microsoft won’t release its iPad tablet competitor until fall 2012. This is according to “people with knowledge of the plans,” the report says, so take that as you will. But assuming it’s accurate (which would fit into Microsoft’s typical MO of entering a market late, then attempting to dominate it by throwing millions of dollars at the problem), one wonders: can Microsoft ever hope to succeed in tablets now?

Harry McCracken of Technologizer has this to say on Microsoft’s late entry No Windows Tablet Until Late 2012? …

Get all the iPad2 details on Apple iPad page or techradar.com.

Mobile Usage is on the increase on Africa and Asia, With the influx of Smartphones like Blackberry and Nokia in the African market when will this Tablet drive steal the show in Africa/Asia?

With all the specs on Tablet now, Would you go for the acclaimed Winner iPad & iPad2 or you have another winner in mind? Tell us


How the BlackBerry PlayBook Measures Up