Apps popularity change over time and this time its the summer time changing the App popularity again, My favourite travel website happens to jump up the Top gainers for the week and month on facebook and i guess i didnt have to bother much about why – C’mon its summer time and people are looking for where best to go at a time like this for there vacation.

Over June, the TripAdvisor has increased its Monthly Active Users (MAU) by over 67 percent. It now has 31 million MAU, moving it up to fourth on AppData’s Facebook Apps Leaderboard – just above the ever-popular MyCalendar birthday app and Zynga’s top ‘Ville game CityVille. What makes it even more intriguing is that in May, according to InsideFacebook  TripAdvisor experienced “a steady decline.”

TripAdvisor released its first Facebook app back in June 2007, called “Cities I’ve Visited.” This is the very same app that now attracts 31 million monthly active users, although now it’s simply called TripAdvisor (a separate app called Cities I’ve Visited still shows up in Facebook’s search, but it re-directs to the TripAdvisor app). TripAdvisor integrates onto your Facebook Timeline and automatically shares your activity.

Some people say the jump on TripAdvisor is due to its new Advertising concept via Facebook and others buh i say even that is timely because its summer and what do people want right now than to travel?

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