Facebook intern Paul Butler works visualized data of facebook data. It’s like the photography of the world’s friendship with the data held by the social networking firm on its 583.9 million members.

The map below is the result of his attempts to visualise where people live relative to their Facebook friends. Each line connects cities with pairs of friends. The brighter the line, the more friends between those cities.

After tweaking the graphic and data set it produced a “surprisingly detailed map of the world,” he said in a blog post.

Facebook Visualized Data
Facebook Visualized Data

The resulting map is amazing. While it looked like a twirl loop, the idea that the lines here are real human relationships gives it a new tone. However, Should i say Africa is still safe not yet overran by facebook or is it bad that Africa is less significant on facebook?

Read Paul Butlers story on this invention http://www.facebook.com/notes/facebook-engineering/visualizing-friendships/469716398919