There are a number of reasons why you might want to wipe out your Blackberry. You just bought a new phone and want to sell or give away the old one, you obviously dont want them having access to your data or your Blackberry is a work fone and now you have to submit it back, You obviously will want to have it clean without your data on the fone. Or the best bad luck of all, you forgot your security code and your blackberry went to wipe state after 10 trials….

If you fall into either of the above categories, or another with the same goal of wiping out your BlackBerry, you are in luck. The process is actually extremely easy and accomplished in one of two ways:

Wiping Manually: In order to perform a manual wipe of your entire BlackBerry, you will need to do the following: Options > Security Options > Security Wipe . Select from the options what you want to wipe and confirm by typing blackberry in the confirmation text-box as prompted.

Incorrect password entry: If you enter an incorrect password into your BlackBerry 10 consecutive times, the BlackBerry is programmed to wipe itself out as a security precaution. You will be prompted to type the word “blackberry” (no quotes) in order to confirm the wipe.

Please do remember to perform a complete system backup before you proceed with the wipe. This is very important as you never know when you will need to recover some of that data in the future.

I hope this guide has been helpful to you peeps looking to wipe out your BlackBerry?