YouTube is getting in on the Pinterestaction — by launching an account of its own, the online video company announced Thursday.

Videos will be posted to one of several Pinterest YouTube boards themed around topics including crafts, lifestyle tips, beauty, food and fitness.

YouTube says it will also have numerous additional boards categorizing the videos it posts.

In Thursday’s post on YouTube’s blog, the company points out that it already has accounts on other major social networking sites including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Pinterest made video pinning available in August 2011; its users have been pinning videos from YouTube since that time.

It makes sense that the video sharing site — which gets one hour of video uploaded every second — would want to leverage Pinterest’s large and growing following of reportedly up to 21 million unique visitors per month.

Pinterest was one of the fastest growing social networks ever this spring. In fact, Pinterest users spend more time on the site than Facebook. The majority of those users are mothers, of whom 28% have a household income greater than $100,000 per year, according to Modea, a digital advertising agency.

YouTube garners a lot of traffic through the other social media sites it’s on. Time will tell how much traffic the mega video sharing site will get from its new Pinterest account.

Source: Mashable