flukkytom.com came by as a result of so many stuffs – Drive, Service, Mentorship, Solutions, Help, and all that says “go show something“. I have had my own share of ICT and the web from my novice days of computing since 1999 and sharing some of those ideas that came and are still coming is what this is all about.

Basically this site will contain series of what i have learnt, working on, thinking about and what others are doing – at the same time feel free to comment, criticize and contribute. I’ll also be using this blog to aggregate any interesting articles on blogging, scripts, softwares or internet affiliate marketing that I’ve found useful and may want to revisit. if you find any of them useful to you, fantastic.

flukkytom is a combination of two words “FLUKKY” and “TOM”, flukky was a nickname given to me in 1997-8 for being a good guesser, a great fluke so my friends say back then and TOM is a combination of my names “Tola” “Obembe” “Michael”. The combination matured when I was registering my very first mail address flukkytom@yahoo.com back then in 1999. Till date, I have grown to love the name and many people even call me by it – funny shey!!!

Obembe Olutola Michael

Obembe Olutola Michael, who am i? I am ME for short but on the broad, I am just another great guy (I think). Thanks to social networking, You can read about my socials on Facebook, read about my professional links on linkedIn e.t.c. Also I have a webpage at www.olutolaobembe.com where you can read some snippets about me. Or better still, google me “Obembe Olutola”, I might just show up with more info for you.

I am opened to discussions, questions, mentor-ship, careers, and whatever you want to talk about (I hope time permits), but still lets talk if you must. I’ll try to keep an up-to-date tab on myself on the stories about me page so keep reading.

Welcome to My World!!!