At its BlackBerry World event in Orlando today, RIM pulled the wraps off BlackBerry 10, a thoroughly-revamped platform based on QNX that the company is hoping will bring it back into contention. Though it’s been talking about BlackBerry 10 since last year (when it was known as BBX), this is the first time that RIM is getting into details about what we can expect when it debuts on retail devices later in 2012.

RIM’s putting an emphasis on “glanceable” gestures in the platform, allowing the user to quickly shift between apps, documents, and notifications with quick flicks — from what’s been demoed on stage at the show, it looks like a smooth and fast operation.

The company notes that it has a reputation for a great typing experience — Bold series is widely considered a benchmark for physical phone keyboards — but since BlackBerry 10 is all about touch, RIM says that it’s honing its algorithms to make sure that it learns how users type. Gestures let you quickly access symbols, but here’s the real winner: the keyboard appears to integrate something along the lines of SwiftKey’s technology (just as the PlayBook does), letting you swipe on suggested words to build out entire sentences without typing them letter by letter.

In related News, RIM launches developer tools for BlackBerry 10

Research In Motion has released the first developer tools for the upcoming release of BlackBerry 10, the latest version of its mobile operating system. Smartphones running BlackBerry 10 are expected to launch in the “latter part” of 2012, RIM said at its annual developer conference in Orlando, Florida. The toolkit for native and HTML5 app development is available in beta as a free download. The toolkit includes the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK with Cascades, which allows developers to create native apps in C/C++ using Qt ….