Well that’s was what i got (i mean the post title) when i stumbled on a web hosting site and i was checking through their Hosting Plans and features. I was still comparing the “unlimited” plans and offers available and then i got to Operating System and of course there was Linux and Windows. While Linux was available for all offers, Windows was not and as usual Windows hosting was higher in price and then at one corner of the list was a question Why is Windows hosting more expensive? with a display icon. Well when i opened the display, Here is what i saw…

The Windows environment runs on propriety software that requires a paid license to install and a specially trained team to operate and maintain. Don’t blame us, Blame Bill.

Believe me, i had a smile on my face, i couldn’t just lauf out loud. So Bill Gate, why are you making windows hosting very expensive for us? But seriously if you are asking Bill, you should know that Microsoft developed and owns the Windows operating system. Linux is open source and generally free. This means it can often be more expensive to set up and run a Windows server.

This post is not to discuss web hosting O/S platforms but to talk the post and ask should we blame bill for high windows hosting? check Microsoft website for more information on bill’s Microsoft. And if you think Open Source is far from Microsoft then you should check their journey in Open Source at http://www.microsoft.com/opensource/default.aspx.

For questions on Web hosting, Linux can do everything you want except your App is/was developed on or need a Microsoft platform then you just need to spend few more dollars.

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