Welcome to the Ericsson Application Awards 2011 – an opportunity for developers to gain exposure within the telecom world, a chance to reach out to customers via Ericsson distribution channels and a chance to win €15,000 in prize money.

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Theme: Connected Things

The theme for EAA 2011 is “Connected Things”!
We welcome innovative teams to join the competition and to develop apps that address the theme “Connected Things”.

Which things can be connected?


Who can join the competition
The competition is global and open to both students and small/medium sized enterprises (< 100 employees). There are two categories: one for students and one for companies. For more details see Rules and Terms & Conditions.

Develop an application based on the Android platform (Web or Native) that addresses the theme “Connected Things” and makes use of at least one Ericsson Labs API.

The awards for each category (Students and Companies) are as follows:
1st place: €15 000 and phones from Sony Ericsson
2nd place: €10 000 and phones from Sony Ericsson
3rd place: €5 000
4th and 5th place: Honorary Diplomas

The prize money will be shared equally among the registered team members. The winning teams will be contacted to ensure payment of prize. Winners will be announced at www.ericssonapplicationawards.com

Stage 1

The first chance to win high end Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

Promote your team in a short video clip (< 2 minutes) to the EAA Jury. The video shall include team name, name of the team members, country, your university or company and an initial idea or problem that you will address. Also, the video shall include a team slogan that is connected to your team name or the initial idea.

The EAA Jury will select the most selling video among the submitted videos.

All your team has to do is to register your team and submit a short video that promotes your team, see step 1-3 below. Deadline is Nov 15.
1. Each team member must have a user account. Register
2. Register your team. Click “Team Signup” and fill in the form. Note! Your Team will be available for the team members after approval.
3. Submit the video. Click “Create project submission” in the menu block “My Team”. Fill in the form and upload the video.

Read more at the Awards website www.ericssonapplicationawards.com.

Deadlines 2010/2011
November 15 – Stage 1, Best Team presentation and slogan
December 10 – Stage 2, Most promising business opportunity
January 24 – Stage 3, Most innovative solution proposal
February 28 – Last date for Team registration and submission of Demo-video
March 31 – Last date for submission of application
April 14 – Announcing Student and Company category semi-finalists (top 5)
April 14 – Start of evaluation process & Beta-test
May 28 – Announce finalist teams (top 2)

The winning team of each stage (Stage 1-3) will be awarded with mobile phones. Details about the Stages will be posted here.

The 1st and 2nd place winners from each category will be awarded at the Ericsson Application Awards ceremony in June 2011

Evaluation Process
The top 5 entries from each category will evaluated both by a jury (panel of experts) and by end-users globally. End-users globally will review the submitted demo-videos and evaluate the submitted applications.

Evaluation criteria
The submitted applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
– Application based on at least one Ericsson Labs API
– Addresses the theme “Connected Things”
– Working application prototype
– Innovative solution
– Business potential