This post by Gene Marks on about the Google Motorola deal is just insightful and i couldn’t help but leave a link for you to read about it. With this acquisition, we’ll be having Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle if it makes a bid for HP as rumored to fill our Tech world. Lets just say the once divergent Software-Hardware world is becoming one again and now it wont be the Giant Microsoft or the Giant Google, It will be the Giant Four(4) in the mobile, smartphone, new tech devices world.

Google buys Motorola, Oracle wants to buy HP, Apple has its own Hardware and Software which has paid off for Apple over the years, Microsoft might wake up tomorrow and buy Dell and then the new ecosystem Pac begins.

And now we have Google buying Motorola, so that (like Apple) the software and the hardware become as one.  Before we know it, if we want an Android we’ll be “encouraged” to purchase a phone or other device manufactured by Google, just like we are now forced to buy iPads and iPhones for Apple software.   How much time until Microsoft admits it can no longer be just a software company and purchases a big PC manufacturer like Dell so that their software can become as one with hardware too?


Read Gene’s article @ forbes-google-buys-motorola-mobility-and-so-begins-the-dark-ages