Google Reader users across the Internet are upset after the search giant announced yesterday the end of it’s news feed service. Google offered two simple reasons to retiring the reader service: a decline in usage, and a company-wide effort to pour energy into fewer products. Fewer Google users use Google Reader, one of the company’s slightly more niche services (like 3D model builder SketchUp, or the social organiser Groups), which is why – to the dismay of those who organized their reading around its RSS feed collection – Google announced it was binning the service on 1 July.

Reader is a service which allows you to select the websites you want to read – say – and it will automatically sync any article published by the site with the your Reader account on your computer or phone. The result is a personalised newswire, a service that’s indispensable for many – particularly some journalists – which is perhaps why the outcry at its closure was so loud yesterday. At the time of writing, 50,000 people had signed a petition at to keep it open.

So are you are Google Reader user? …what would your replacement be? Personally i don’t know yet ..still searching but i guess i still have 3 months to search and choose.. but here are some i found to be contending

Here is a list of some of the favourites: