Happy New MMXI

Yes Happy New 2011, Just curious is it the start of another decade or we started that already with 2010? Its a new year and while i wish there were more interesting topics aside science, technology, research and “the-need-to-know”, there isnt. We are still in the age of Technology and Information and that is really going to get a lot of swag this year 2011.

Well, if you ask me about my Technology Trends for 2011, here they are
1. Extended Social Networking: Social Networking is already here to stay and pardon me if it has encroached all our daily activities and gladly i say it will still drive businesses and corporate decisions this new year.
2. Cloud Computing and Grid Computing: Cloud computing has generated a lot of fuse in the last decade and this year, I believe it will be a core technology for academics, business e.t.c While 2010 focused more on IaaS, Infrastructure as a service, I believe the infrastructures are here so SaaS will take the leap. Country Wide, Product Wide, I see Software offered as a service – of course this will allow people use software’s when they need it and pay for what they use. Asking how it will affect propriety software development? I guess it will in a way but Software owners don’t have to loose, They can sell Propriety, and also do SaaS increasing revenue for the business. One thing i am looking forward to is the outburst of Cloud in Telecommunication-there is a lot of stake in Mobile now

3. Mobile Explosion: Yes, Mobile usage and penetration is going to increase this year, In advance countries, It might be more of a Centralized solutions, Cloud systems, more e commerce acceptance and usage. While in Africa It will still include more penetration to some rural areas, Increased Internet Connection for fast use of the 3G+ on mobile and the penetration of 4G in Africa. The use of Smart-phones for more business on the move and ooh the technology built in war of the phone makers nokia, Sony-ericsson, HTC, Blackberry, Samsung and others. However, this year i believe its going to be a cash in year for the mobile developer community cos the trend is always going to be with who has the best what?
4. Open Source-Still the way: Yeah…As simple as it gets, Open source is still the way, why? because cost-saving technologies will be the way to go companies. the fear of another economic meltdown on working with too much OPEX.

Well that’s just me, You care sharing your own views on technology trend this year, be our fortune teller-Tell us what you see..

Cheers and Happy New Year again