Carbyn is a fully developed HTML5 OS, yes an Operating system on the browser. The great thing about Carbyn is that there’s nothing to install. Because it’s HTML5, it works in the browser. You simply open a browser and log-in to Carbyn and you’re ready to go. Presently it works on IPAD, Blackberry and the PC i think.According to the site say of its App…

  • Nothing to install or update, just launch your browser and enjoy
  • Instantly get all your apps and games in a fluid touch OS
  • App Marketplace full of top apps and growing everyday
  • Keep enjoying Carbyn offline and auto-sync when connected

Once you load up the OS, you can pin any app to the main OS screen (again, all in the browser). Apps can be tailored for Carbyn from the ground up (still using all HTML5) or there’s a wrapper that can be used to make existing apps work. There’s a SDK for all of this, and the team says that they can get any app up and running in less than a half hour, incerdible isnt it?

Still in beta, Carbyn accepts invites for test and usage. Get an invite Today at Carbyn