So, i had my Pydio installed and running and somehow i forgot my admin password and just like that the gate is locked. ItsĀ  my system right so i was able to login to the db and see the ajxp_users table to see what the user and password format looks like. turns out that my version uses the sha256 (sha256:1000:[long string]:[another long string]) password format…question remains how do i reset this password?

checking through google, some pydio answers says setting the password using the md5 default works….e.g like

UPDATE ajxp_users
SET password = MD5('1234567')
WHERE login ='<admin user>'

but i was doubtful since i could see my password using the sha256?

Here is what i had to do eventually, I thot to myself if i could get a pydio password that i could use to update the db and get a default login and reset later, wouldnt that make sense? and yes it did.

UPDATE ajxp_users SET password = ‘sha256:1000:eIHmmGwo6yhWHijOPDQ+e0+bWEN67br3:OfzGuTwUlBrAyuU5dkltqWRqaOVIPy5G’ WHERE ajxp_users.login = ‘<admin user>’;

yeps … thats the encoded pydio password for P@ssw0rd

After this, i was able to login and reset my pydio password and im allowed to get through the gate.