Research in Motion (RIM) has announced the BlackBerry 10 Apps Challenge: a free contest by RIM India and Devworx aimed at giving developers a chance to flaunt the best of their app ideas for BlackBerry 10 and win prizes. In its official statement, RIM claims that this is one of the best opportunities for amateur and professional developers to develop their own apps for BlackBerry 10, and also get their app seen and downloaded through the BlackBerry World by users from across the world.

Those who want to participate in the contest should follow the following steps –

  • Users will have to register for the contest. For that they will have to click here
  • Download the tools and SDK
  • Port/Develop your app
  • Register as a vendor on BlackBerry World
  • Submit your app(s) to BlackBerry World
  • Notify Devworx when the app is published


The winners would be rewarded with the following:

  • 2 apps: Gift voucher worth Rs 1,200 +3 month’s Digit Subscription (from devworx)
  • 3-4 apps: Gift voucher worth Rs 2,500 + Cowon Earphone (from devworx)
  • 5-9 apps: One (1) BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
  • 10 or more apps: One BlackBerry PlayBook and one BlackBerry Developer Alpha prototype device.


The contest is now open for all who are ready to unleash their expertise in app development on BlackBerry 10. There is no registration fee. The contest ends on January 21, 2013.