How helpful and useful would it be to send your handwritten notes straight to the cloud for digital archiving like Google Docs or Evernote? With Livescribe Connect for your smartpen, you can easily send notes and audio as a pencast to people and destinations of your choice. Right from your paper or Livescribe Desktop.

Livescribe is an impressive piece of technology – it is like a regular pen with an ink cartridge but unlike any other pen, Livescribe pens record everything that you write on a notebook including the audio that you hear (like when you are in a meeting or a lecture).

In one of the new software updates, Livescribe demonstrates how you can draw a small double-line on the paper that you want to archive, write the destination name on that line (like “Google Docs”) and the next time you connect your pen to the computer, the note will find its way to the cloud automatically. A limitation is that the transfer is not wireless and will only happen when you connect the pen to your PC or Mac. Livescribe Pens start at $99 (the basic model has 2 GB storage) but there’s another recurring cost – it only works with a special kind of paper.


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