Cloud solutions are on the rise and its no surprise that small business owners are also looking and asking how they can send their operations to the cloud. It may be surprising but they are also asking about virtualization. Businesses are starting to understand that they can gain edge in our new competitive world by using virtualization to use multiple operating systems and to keep apps partitioned and protected.

There is an interesting infographic on cloud that details some popular cloud applications and a reason why you might need to head for the cloud.

Analyst Linthicum said in one of his notes on “In other words, we’re providing all these very heavy-duty IT services, such as database, OSs, and application servers on demand. It just makes sense that eventually we’re going to provide complete desktop virtualization offerings that pop out of the cloud. The beauty of that is that a small business, instead of having to maintain an IT staff, will just have to maintain a few clients. They log into a cloud account and the virtualized desktops come down“.

Where is your business in the cloud?

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