One can only ponder what the OS market share is for the leading and growing smartphone OS out there, blackberry OS, Android OS, Windows mobile OS, Symbian, HP Web OS and others. Some are popular than others but one thing sure is that each one of them is using applications and developer base to strengthen its market. HP WebOS coming on tablets, Android already on 3.0, iOS on iPAD2 and blackberry coming with BBOS 7.0. Android, iOS and Blackberry looks stronger, the question is how will these other players break even to split the smartphone market? I stumbled on a market share this year and looks interesting…

Android remains the most popular operating system — ahead of iOS and BlackBerry OS, and Windows Mobile — with a 36% share of the market. Nielsen also found that 26% of U.S. mobile users own an iPhone, 23% carry a BlackBerry, 9% use Windows Mobile, 2% carry HP webOS devices, 2% have a Symbian-powered phone, and just 1% have a Windows Phone 7 device.

Data statistics also shows that android users devour the market on downloads but apple OS is still on course on App usage. A study for smartphone purchase shows that 31% planned to purchase an Android phone, 30% planned to buy an iPhone and 11% were eyeing BlackBerry devices. Interestingly, indecision also grew between the two surveys — 18% of respondents were undecided when asked between June and September survey while 20% were undecided between January and March,2011 (research by Nielsen).