Will Facebook Open an Office in Africa or Nigeria to be Precise?

When the Search Giant Google opened up its Office in Nigeria, It was a welcome idea to the ICT world and professionals, At least we can enjoy more benefits of the Internet Integral Solution to our uptake in IT while Google extends its Ad services within the business of the country, It could be a Win-win situation for the Search Giant as the Nigeria Internet usage keeps exploding and businesses are getting the edge of using the Internet as part of Business even Government.

But along the side i ask, Where is Facebook? Will the Social Giant also consider an office in Nigeria or yet Africa? Maybe its a bad time to ask the Question due to the ever falling stock prices which is at $20 today and our boy Mark falling short of over $423 Million dollars in the past months. However, It might also be a question that can answer the need for expansion and what can better the lot later on.

Okay, Google sells search and business Addons, What does Facebook sell? Advertisement? is that just it, well am still thinking. But with South Africa and Nigeria leading the Usage in Africa with 5,133,620 and 5,022,540 respectively, Isnt it not just fair that there is no Facebook Africa/Nigeria? Check Facebook Country Demographics here

Facebook International offices include: Amsterdam, Auckland, Brussels, Dublin, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Hyderabad, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Selangor, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto according http://newsroom.fb.com/content/default.aspx?NewsAreaId=22 with no Africa … hmmm

Okay, I know the question on your mind like “What will Facebook gain if it comes down?“, Well, If they don’t come down they wont see what to do more, One thing is sure that we know, They have a saturated market in the US North and South America and with increasing Internet and Mobile Penetration in Africa, they might no get the Auto Usage they may hope for if they don’t get on ground and do some work.

I just feel there is a Win-Win Solution for Facebook and Africa/Nigeria anyway, even in a Global market, Physical presence go a long way to build loyalty and strengthen business.

Its just a thot …. What ya’ll think?

Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship 2012

Are you a high performing African entrepreneur with a track record of business excellence and high social impact? Do you share our core belief that business is development and that entrepreneurship is the key to Africa’s economic resurgence? Do you see yourself as an icon of entrepreneurial success in Africa? If so, then this year’s African Awards for Entrepreneurship may bear your name!

Yeah, That’s the spirit at this years Africa Enterpreneur Awards.

The Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship (AAE), indubitably ‘the Oscars’ of business and entrepreneurship in Africa, is pleased to announce the 2012 Awards Programme. African Leadership Network (ALN), the premier network of Africa’s new generation of leaders, is pleased to partner with Legatum Group, a leading Private Equity firm and previous hosts, to bring you the Awards this year. As in previous years, the programme will recognize and award exceptional entrepreneurial leaders who serve as role models to Africa’s aspiring entrepreneurs and who demonstrate business excellence, innovation and profitability.

Unlike in past years when the AAE was limited to only enterprises with revenues from US$ 1M to US$ 15M, this year, entrepreneurs with a range of business sizes from as small as US$ 500k to as much as US$ 50M or more in revenue may apply for the Awards. Please download the 2012 application form in either English or French and send in your completed entry to info@africaawards.com. The deadline for entries is 31 August 2012. AAE 2012 especially welcomes women entrepreneurs to apply.

Details on the Award Website

If you would like to nominate an applicant, please download the English or French nomination form and send it to info@africaawards.com with the subject “Nomination for AAE 2012”.

Apply Now

The 2012 Awards will have the following four categories:

Lifetime Achievement Award Lifetime Achievement Award (New!)
Citation and trophy awarded to a senior African business leader who has served as an entrepreneurial icon for several decades and has left an enduring legacy of entrepreneurial success in Africa.
Transformational Business Award Transformational Business Award (New!)
Citation and trophy awarded to notable business leader who has had a major socio-economic impact in Africa by building a business with revenues greater than US$ 50M.
Outstanding Mature Business Award Outstanding Mature Business Award (New!)
First Prize: US$ 100,000 prize to a business leader who has built a company with revenues between US$ 5M to US$ 50M
Runner-up Prize: Additional US$ 50,000 to the first runner up.
Outstanding Small and Growing Business Outstanding Small and Growing Business Award (New!)
US$ 50,000 prize to a young, remarkable African business with revenues between US$ 0.5M and US$ 5M.

Nigeria, where are your Android Apps?

The Android Developer Challenge Sub Saharan Africa is here so i ask you, where are your android Apps? You can participate by developing a killer application built on Android. The sections below provide information about the types of applications you can enter, as well as the contest information and dates. Developers submit their apps to one of three specially-designated ADC categories beginning June 1st at 12 AM GMT. An application may only be submitted to a single category.

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