HP to build new TouchPAD’s to meet Demand

Barely two weeks agos, HP reduces its Touchpad’s Tablet price from 500 USD to 400USD and then to 99USD for it to get the needed sell out after a poor sales return following the release. However, after the recent sell out, the company that was looking to close shop of the HP TouchPad and WebOS is actually now in the business of developing more new TouchPAD’s probably at the same price to maintain a developing WebOS ecosystem since its already out there.
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The 2011 Tablet War!!!


One of the dominating news and expectations in the technology sector this year is the introduction of Tablet Computers, major electronics and mobile companies and working to get their own market share following iPads success last year. This month Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPLNews) iPad 2 was released with upgrades and many still call it the market killer. With other companies like Blackberry, HP, Samsung, ASUS getting on the Tablet train, Its safe to say that the Tablet Computer market is going hyperdrive.
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Google Maps for Blackberry – Get a Friends Location with Latitude

I want to believe that the slogan of Google Maps “Use Google Maps on your phone, and never carry a paper map again.” is becoming real in developing countries too. While we already believe such slogans to be true for developed countries where maps and GIS information are up to date/real time, we doubt the effect on places like Nigeria. It’s been a while i used Google Earth myself and then, Nigeria Maps was still a little shabby but over this last weekend, I decided to go Google Maps on my Blackberry and Walllahhh!!!!… Its a new world.

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Ericsson Application Awards: €15 000 up for Grabs

Welcome to the Ericsson Application Awards 2011 – an opportunity for developers to gain exposure within the telecom world, a chance to reach out to customers via Ericsson distribution channels and a chance to win €15,000 in prize money.

In cooperation with

Theme: Connected Things

The theme for EAA 2011 is “Connected Things”!
We welcome innovative teams to join the competition and to develop apps that address the theme “Connected Things”.

Which things can be connected?


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