Data Virtualization Solutions

Data Virtualization Solutions have grown in the IT industry today and we look out for ways to use this technology to meet both Business and Corporate needs. Composite Software brings the usage Patterns into 5 simple ways to provide more agile, lower cost data integration approach that overcomes data complexity and disparate silos to provide business with the timely information it needs to meet today’s ever-changing business requirements.

Data Virtualization Usage Patterns

Composite flexibly supports all of the data virtualization usage patterns typical in today’s complex IT environments including:

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Digital Heaven – ICT Initiative in Heaven

In most religions, Heaven is a transcendental realm in which people who
have died continue to exist in an afterlife. So whether you are a Christian believing in Heaven as said in Bible or a Muslim believing in Jannah as the Quran says or whatever your religion, you believe or know about life after death. This write-up is not to ask or talk whether there is heaven or not but a funny look into how ICT or life itself would be used in the “Big Heaven”.

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An Information Databank Framework for the Health Care Industry in Nigeria

Full Paper download available at International Journal of Computing and ICT Research

2008, I was thinking ICT and the Health sector and i had my hands full with an Health Information Databank, An E-Health Model for the Health Sector and Web Services Initiative for Data Sharing and Usage. Well this one is on the Data Bank idea of collating and managing related data within the Health practitioners.


The development of web based database systems for service industries has led to a remarkable new dimension of information retrieval and distribution. These developments allow service industries to make information readily available almost at no cost to the general public. This paper discusses the use of web based database systems to accommodate the health care industry data. Presently, the health care information system in Nigeria consist of series of scattered inter-related data from different health sources and service centres, The Internet being a global village was used as a tool to solve this information problem by capturing all these related data into a data repository online where it can be accessed as information. The design uses the three-tier web model architecture as its underlying technology and presents an Information databank capable of storing health care data….. Continue reading “An Information Databank Framework for the Health Care Industry in Nigeria”

3-Tier Architecture vs MVC Software Architecture

N-Tier Architecture

3-Tier software architecture is client-server model where the presentation, the application processing, and the data management are logically separate processes. On web technologies, for example we have the Client (Presentation), Web server (Logical), and Database (Data Management) as the 3-tier. 2 -tier typically involves an architecture without data management where only the presentation and the logic is used.

Presentation tier:This is the topmost level of the application. The presentation tier displays information to and fro the Application Logic. It communicates with other tiers by outputting results to the browser/client tier and all other tiers in the network.

Application tier: (business logic, logic tier, data access tier, or middle tier). The logic tier is pulled out from the presentation tier and, as its own layer, it controls an application’s functionality by performing detailed processing.

Data tier: : This tier consists of database servers. Here information is stored and retrieved. This tier keeps data neutral and independent from application servers or business logic. Giving data its own tier also improves scalability and performance.

Model View Controller (MVC)

Model-View-Controller (MVC) is a software design pattern or software architecture that separates application logic from from input and presentation (UI), permitting independent development, testing and maintenance of each.

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Database Research and Current Trends

During my Mtech Course work in 2008, I decided to read up on the current trends of Database Technologies, I came about a lot of interesting stuff but realized DB was getting too big for one book or journal as topics and services trend in different directions, I decided to write an overview over these DB Technologies maybe I’ll put it in a journal someday but that didn’t happen because I never finished or shared it. Well, here are some good extract from the write up.

Database evolution has been encouraged with different factors from user needs to organizational support as explained above, however the dimensions along which research and market trends of database are evolving include performance, functionality and distribution (Diaz, 2000).

database trends

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Data Warehouse & Data Mining

Database Concepts has always been an interesting topic to me. Since my early introductions to Dbase III asnd IV (which i used for my ND Project), I have always taking every turn with anything Database – developments, SQL, Optimizations and what have you. The fancy is that no real application is complete today without a Database and that makes it a more fascinating aspect of computing.

Concepts like Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Text/Web Mining, Database Types (Multimedia, Relational, Object Oriented e.t.c) dominate the research world of Databases. And Players like Microsoft (SQL Server), Oracle (Oracle, MySQL, TimesTen), Sybase, PostGreSQL push the usage and developments of DB to an interesting Height.

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