Apple is recycling, buying back old iPhones for $280

Apple has started a trade-in and recycling programme in the USA for older iPhones which the company then plans to resell in other countries.

The company will pay customers up to $280 for their old handsets, although the customer has to also have an existing — or take out a new — iPhone contract with a mobile network.

“In addition to helping support the environment, customers will be able to receive a credit for their returned phone that they can use toward the purchase of a new iPhone,” a company spokesperson said.

The handsets being returned have to be in working order, and shown to be so in the Apple stores.

The recycling programme is being run by Brightstar for Apple. – NCW – Naijagist

Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship 2012

Are you a high performing African entrepreneur with a track record of business excellence and high social impact? Do you share our core belief that business is development and that entrepreneurship is the key to Africa’s economic resurgence? Do you see yourself as an icon of entrepreneurial success in Africa? If so, then this year’s African Awards for Entrepreneurship may bear your name!

Yeah, That’s the spirit at this years Africa Enterpreneur Awards.

The Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship (AAE), indubitably ‘the Oscars’ of business and entrepreneurship in Africa, is pleased to announce the 2012 Awards Programme. African Leadership Network (ALN), the premier network of Africa’s new generation of leaders, is pleased to partner with Legatum Group, a leading Private Equity firm and previous hosts, to bring you the Awards this year. As in previous years, the programme will recognize and award exceptional entrepreneurial leaders who serve as role models to Africa’s aspiring entrepreneurs and who demonstrate business excellence, innovation and profitability.

Unlike in past years when the AAE was limited to only enterprises with revenues from US$ 1M to US$ 15M, this year, entrepreneurs with a range of business sizes from as small as US$ 500k to as much as US$ 50M or more in revenue may apply for the Awards. Please download the 2012 application form in either English or French and send in your completed entry to The deadline for entries is 31 August 2012. AAE 2012 especially welcomes women entrepreneurs to apply.

Details on the Award Website

If you would like to nominate an applicant, please download the English or French nomination form and send it to with the subject “Nomination for AAE 2012”.

Apply Now

The 2012 Awards will have the following four categories:

Lifetime Achievement Award Lifetime Achievement Award (New!)
Citation and trophy awarded to a senior African business leader who has served as an entrepreneurial icon for several decades and has left an enduring legacy of entrepreneurial success in Africa.
Transformational Business Award Transformational Business Award (New!)
Citation and trophy awarded to notable business leader who has had a major socio-economic impact in Africa by building a business with revenues greater than US$ 50M.
Outstanding Mature Business Award Outstanding Mature Business Award (New!)
First Prize: US$ 100,000 prize to a business leader who has built a company with revenues between US$ 5M to US$ 50M
Runner-up Prize: Additional US$ 50,000 to the first runner up.
Outstanding Small and Growing Business Outstanding Small and Growing Business Award (New!)
US$ 50,000 prize to a young, remarkable African business with revenues between US$ 0.5M and US$ 5M.

$1 Million TEDPrize for your Wish – Nominate yourself Today


Are you that inspired dude with that awesome idea? or that idealistic individual with the world solution? Well there is One Million Dollars$ on the table for that idea of yours… yes at TEDprize 2013. The best part, Its free to register and you can nominate yourself as the “badt” idea genius. TED says the goal is to spark creativity and all submissions will be reviewed with each candidate’s past experience as well as the potential their wish represents, before narrowing the field to 100 applicants.

Finalists will be asked to detail an execution plan for their wish. In the end, a selection committee will determine the individual who best demonstrates the vision and leadership necessary to turn a wish into reality. The TED Prize wish will be announced at the TED2013 conference.

Do you Qualify?

If you have an awesome, yes you do plus Nominees should demonstrate the following:

  • A distinguished track record
  • The ability to articulate a world-changing wish that inspires collaborative action
  • The vision and charisma to lead and manage others
  • The ability to budget a $1 million initiative and execute a multi-year project
  • The willingness to leverage both the TED and the TEDx community to support the wish

So What Makes a TED Prize Winner?

  • TED Prize winners are visionaries.
  • TED Prize winners are innovators.
  • TED Prize winners are trailblazers.
  • TED Prize winners are catalysts.
  • TED Prize winners are inspirers.

TED Prize Timeline for 2013

June 24, 2012:? 2013 TED Prize nominations open
August 1, 2012: ?2013 TED Prize nomination deadline
August 2-31, 2012:? Nomination review period
August 17-31, 2012: ?Finalists identified and additional data collected
September 1-15, 2012:? Finalist phone interview period
October 2012 – December, 2012: ?2013 TED Prize winner determined and wish strategy commences
January 2013 – February 2013: TED conference planning and wish strategy continues
February 27, 2013: 2013 TED Prize wish announced during TED Conference in Long Beach

Okay stop reading and go Nominate yourself for $1Million dollars, Go to TEDPrizes Now, Im sure you are motivated already….

Nominate yourself here

India $35 Tablet : World Cheapest Tablet by DataWind

India has launched what it says is the world’s cheapest touch-screen tablet computer, priced at just $35 (£23). Costing a fraction of Apple’s iPad, the subsidised Aakash is aimed at students. It supports web browsing and video conferencing, has a three-hour battery life and two USB ports, but questions remain over how it will perform. (bbc news)
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Apple CEO Steve Jobs Resigns …


Yesterday, A certain news struck the Technology world as Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple decided to resign from his position and that was TRUE. It should be noted that in January he took an indefinite medical leave before coming back and this time, its a gone for good. Of course many questions arise, why did he leave (Health)? Jobs is too good for development to leave now? Where does that leave Apple? And where does that leave us? What happens now? Well for a start, read below Steve Jobs letter of resignation to the board.
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Google buys Motorola: the Dark age theory

This post by Gene Marks on about the Google Motorola deal is just insightful and i couldn’t help but leave a link for you to read about it. With this acquisition, we’ll be having Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle if it makes a bid for HP as rumored to fill our Tech world. Lets just say the once divergent Software-Hardware world is becoming one again and now it wont be the Giant Microsoft or the Giant Google, It will be the Giant Four(4) in the mobile, smartphone, new tech devices world.

Google buys Motorola, Oracle wants to buy HP, Apple has its own Hardware and Software which has paid off for Apple over the years, Microsoft might wake up tomorrow and buy Dell and then the new ecosystem Pac begins.
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IBM celebrates 100 years (1911-2011)


International Business Machines (IBM) turns 100 on Thursday, or as the company says at its centennial web site, today marks the beginning of IBM’s 101st year. The centennial website has a very nice collection of essays, photos, videos, and no surprise, memorabilia to buy. IBM dates to June 16, 1911, when three companies that made scales, punch-clocks for work and other machines merged to form the Computing Tabulating Recording Co. The modern-day name followed in 1924. On the website, there is also a nice AP story on IBM’s centennial that you may want to read as well.
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Happy New MMXI – Tech Trend 2011

Happy New MMXI

Yes Happy New 2011, Just curious is it the start of another decade or we started that already with 2010? Its a new year and while i wish there were more interesting topics aside science, technology, research and “the-need-to-know”, there isnt. We are still in the age of Technology and Information and that is really going to get a lot of swag this year 2011.

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Driveless Cars – DarPA, Google, MIG

Technology indeed is doing what we know it can do. And now it is the vision of driveless cars or autonomous cars – Cars without Drivers.

DARPA’s Grand Challenge, which launched in 2004, was the first long distance competition for driverless cars. Over 100 teams registered during the competition’s first year. The first year saw DARPA offer $1 million to Carnegie Mellon’s Red Team, while the second year’s grand prize was $2 million (Stanford Racing Team took the prize).

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