Facebook kills Organic reach for Sponsored Posts

Facebook’s December newsfeed algorithm change is so far punishing brand pages, regardless of how interested fans are in that page’s content, according to a new analysis by Ignite Social Media. Ignite analysts reviewed 689 posts across 21 brand pages (all of significant size, across a variety of industries) and found that, in the week since December 1, organic reach and organic reach percentage have each declined by 44% on average, with some pages seeing declines as high as 88%. Only one page in the analysis had improved reach, which came in at 5.6%.

Companies using Facebook pages have found it increasingly difficult to reach their audience through unpaid, organic promotion. Even those with thousands of fans see only a tiny fraction of their posts actually being viewed in newsfeeds. Many have suspected for some time that Facebook is pushing businesses to use Sponsored Posts, just to get them seen by people who already Like the brand.

Facebook now admits that businesses will need to pay in order to get their companies posts and information in user newsfeeds.

Facebook says …

We expect organic distribution of an individual Page’s posts to gradually decline over time as we continually work to make sure people have a meaningful experience on the site. To maximize delivery of your message in News Feed, your brand should consider using paid distribution, as it enabled you to reach people beyond your fan base and move beyond the organic competition

The reality is, if Facebook can display business posts in the newsfeed, they would far rather get paid for it then do it for free.

Their position shouldn’t surprise brands, many of whom have seen the writing on the wall for some time. Facebook has shareholders to keep happy – one of the things that make shareholders most happy is an increased revenue stream. Businesses that rely on Facebook for promotion are going to have to pay if they want greater than 1-2 percent “seen” rates on their posts.

So what does it mean for small brand pages trying to grow audience? Well it means you have to break the banks for Facebook or find an alternative



Facebook launches Verified Pages, authenticating accounts like Twitter

Facebook today announced the launch of verified pages and profiles, which will make it easier for users to find official fan pages and accounts for top brands, celebrities, government officials and other public figures.

Like on Twitter, verified accounts on Facebook will be denoted with a small blue icon with a checkmark in it. It will appear next to the user or page’s name on their Timeline, in search results and elsewhere around Facebook.

Facebook Verified Pages

Verified Pages belong to a small group of prominent public figures (celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and businesses) with large audiences. This update is rolling out to profiles as well.

Although Twitter has had verified accounts for years, Facebook did not, even when it began its push to get celebrities on the platform with the launch of its subscribe feature, now called “follow.”

Get the New Facebook’s Redesign – Join the Waiting List


Facebook is launching redesign of its News Feed that clears the clutter and create a so-called “personalized newspaper.”

The News Feed now features a clean look with large photos, and can be sorted by categories like: “All Friends,” “Photos,” Music” and “Following.” The new design will give posts like places and third-party apps more prominence and bigger images. Videos and shared articles will also get a new look. Now, people tagged in a video or those who share an post will have a thumbnail appear on the left side.

Facebook says it will start rolling out the changes for the Web on Thursday, while mobile apps will start to see changes in the next few weeks.

So how do you get it?

There’s a waiting list for users who want access to the updated News Feed as soon as possible. Sign up for the waiting list at: Facebook.com/about/newsfeed.

It’s not clear what the wait time will be for the new feature. Some users have already been rolled over, while others are still waiting. – CBS

Its new…lets suck it in ……

Get Ready for a New, Cleaner Facebook Design – Its already here

Facebook has begun rolling out a new single-column design for Timelines which better organize users’ personal pages and places greater emphasis on communication between friends.

The revamped Timeline has gone live for users in New Zealand, which is regularly Facebook’s first port of call for new rollouts. As screenshots from TNW show, all communication from friends and status updates placed in the left-hand side column only. This left side column has been made larger to place greater emphasis on messages, with the right hand side now made smaller as a result. For example, the Friends box is now 3×3 instead of 2×4.

Old Design vs New Design

The new redesign also tidies Timeline headers. Boxes that link through to ‘Friends’, ‘Photos’, ‘Maps’ and ‘Likes’ have been removed, these items are now listed in a menu which, when clicked, brings them up separately.

“Our initial observation is that the new Timeline is indeed cleaner and easier to navigate. Previously, it could get awkward when messages would appear on both right and left columns, making it easier to miss or gloss over an update from a friend. Of course, the new design does have the issue of wasted space on the right hand side as you scroll down a Timeline but, since most people want to keep up with the latest information — which doesn’t require much scrolling — we think that the positives outweigh the negatives. – TheNextWeb

It should reach you soon, remember when the timelines were coming, it took time, are we going to have an option to move or stay put with our present design? I cant say but it will be good to see what facebook wants 2013 to be like for its over 1 billion users

Stadia High speed Wifi for Boca Juniors Football Club

Argentine soccer club Boca Juniors has closed a deal with Internet and cable TV provider Fibertel to install high-speed wi-fi and optical fiber in its home stadium, FayerWayer reports.

Familiarly known as “La Bombonera,” the Alberto J. Armando stadium is located in Buenos Aires’ neighborhood of La Boca. Inaugurated in 1940, it can now host 61,000 supporters.

As you can imagine, most of them have mobile phones, which can cause the type of connection overload we witnessed during the Olympic Games in London this summer. At the time, Olympics officials had to ask Londoners to “take it easy” tweeting and texting.

To prevent a similar problem from happening, Fibertel will install 60 antennas all across the stadium. According to the club, this will be a first in Latin America.

Ultimately, Boca Junior’s ambition is to create a more social experience around its game, as the audience will now be able to post comments and pictures on social networks in real time.

Source: The next web

Twitter Header Design – Have you changed your Profile yet?

Twitter announced a new look for profile pages on NBC’s Today Tuesday and many users have already begun the process of updating their profiles. With the new profile pages, Twitter users can now add header images similar to those featured on Facebook and Google+ profiles. What’s more, your avatar is now featured front and center in that image, rather than in the top corner of the page.

Dont worry, i changed mine already and the Header looks like below …see my profile for a full “How it looks” –https://twitter.com/flukkytom

So How do you Change yours? Its all in Twitter Sphere. First, take a look at your new Twitter Profile page. No, not your homepage, the page that’s called “Me” on Twitter’s website.

  1. Go to your twitter settings page or click https://twitter.com/settings/design
  2. Click on the “Design” on the left Menu Bar
  3. Scroll down to the “Customize your own” Section and you will see the change header
  4. Voila…Select you image and save and there you go … your new twitter seat is here

Nice han ….yeah, i know…



First, take a look at your new Twitter Profile page. No, not your homepage, the page that’s called “Me” on Twitter’s website and on your favorite mobile app. You can make the change through Twitter’s website (via https://twitter.com/settings/design)

After Instagram, Its now Swaylo for Facebook TakeOver

Facebook just made what appears to be another “acqui-hire,” with the purchase of Threadsy, a TechCrunch Disrupt startup that went on to make a marketing tool called Swaylo. The terms were undisclosed.

What’s interesting about the deal is that the startup’s paid product SwayloPro will continue to run as a separate company for its current investors. Threadsy was backed by August Capital and Maveron Capital. There have been a few other cases in the past where Facebook has approached a team for talent, and only part of a company wanted to join (or alternately, only part of a company passed Facebook’s rigorous hiring process). When Facebook did a partial acquisition of Zenbe back in 2010, it took three employees.

Threadsy started out as a way for people to see all of their social feeds and communication from different networks like Facebook and Twitter in one place. But they then changed toward a paid service that helped brands see which influencers they needed to establish relationships with to find new customers on social networks.


On Swaylo’s Blog, It is written

Swaylo offers you the opportunity to see what kind and how much attention you’re getting for the things you post, share, and like on social media networks. Through an analysis of your social graph, Swaylo reflects your Sway – the impact your online activities have in your social circle and across the social graph.

Today we’re announcing that Threadsy will be acquired by Facebook. Threadsy is the company that operates Swaylo.com, provides people with their Sway score, and helps businesses, organizations and brands connect with their social influencers. ….


Will Facebook Open an Office in Africa or Nigeria to be Precise?

When the Search Giant Google opened up its Office in Nigeria, It was a welcome idea to the ICT world and professionals, At least we can enjoy more benefits of the Internet Integral Solution to our uptake in IT while Google extends its Ad services within the business of the country, It could be a Win-win situation for the Search Giant as the Nigeria Internet usage keeps exploding and businesses are getting the edge of using the Internet as part of Business even Government.

But along the side i ask, Where is Facebook? Will the Social Giant also consider an office in Nigeria or yet Africa? Maybe its a bad time to ask the Question due to the ever falling stock prices which is at $20 today and our boy Mark falling short of over $423 Million dollars in the past months. However, It might also be a question that can answer the need for expansion and what can better the lot later on.

Okay, Google sells search and business Addons, What does Facebook sell? Advertisement? is that just it, well am still thinking. But with South Africa and Nigeria leading the Usage in Africa with 5,133,620 and 5,022,540 respectively, Isnt it not just fair that there is no Facebook Africa/Nigeria? Check Facebook Country Demographics here

Facebook International offices include: Amsterdam, Auckland, Brussels, Dublin, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Hyderabad, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Selangor, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto according http://newsroom.fb.com/content/default.aspx?NewsAreaId=22 with no Africa … hmmm

Okay, I know the question on your mind like “What will Facebook gain if it comes down?“, Well, If they don’t come down they wont see what to do more, One thing is sure that we know, They have a saturated market in the US North and South America and with increasing Internet and Mobile Penetration in Africa, they might no get the Auto Usage they may hope for if they don’t get on ground and do some work.

I just feel there is a Win-Win Solution for Facebook and Africa/Nigeria anyway, even in a Global market, Physical presence go a long way to build loyalty and strengthen business.

Its just a thot …. What ya’ll think?

Wildfire has Joined Google for $350M – Did u hear?

Google has just bought social marketing software developer Wildfire, which lets brands serve marketing and ad campaigns on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. Google bid on buying Buddy Media but lost the deal to Salesforce. With Oracle buying other social marketing leaders Vitrue and Involver, Wildfire was the last top-tier startup in the space. Wildfire has grown to 400 employees over the last four years and now serves 16,000 customers. The scoop is reported to be around $350 Million with an additional $100M in employees earn out to retain their love for the Job.

In the words of the Wildfire founders

Four years ago, we set out on a journey to make social media marketing easier and more effective. We thought our idea had potential, but little did we know what an incredible ride it would be. Not only have we helped to define and build an entirely new industry, but we’ve created a company that’s larger (from 5 to almost 400 employees in two and a half years!) and more successful (we’re proud to serve 16,000 customers including 30 of the top 50 brands) than we ever imagined.

Today we are about to start a new chapter of our story and we couldn’t be more excited to share the news: Wildfire is joining Google! We truly could not think of a more perfect home for Wildfire. It makes us so happy to know that joining with Google will make it easier for us to realize our vision of changing the way the world markets and enable us to live up to our commitment to make Wildfire an incredible place for our team and our customers.

Wildfire believes that over time the combination of Wildfire and Google can lead to a better platform for managing all digital media marketing. For now, we remain focused on helping brands run and measure their social engagement and ad campaigns across the entire web and across all social services — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more — and to deliver rich and satisfying experiences for their consumers. To this end, Wildfire will operate as usual, and there will be no changes to our service and support for our customers.

Wildfire Founders

Are you a Social Media Addict? Find Out

Ok I know you have a Facebook account cos we all do and its already an integral part of our lives. And then there is twitter where you get the information trending on the fly and there is digg, bbm, reddit, pininterest, and oh the new instagram and the list of social engagements we live on are becoming endless. No doubt its the world we live in right now but then are you asking like i am now if you are addicted to it? Or you just keep telling yourself, Its trending so why not join the ship….?

There is a study from Uni.Chicago that social media is now even more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol. What are addictions? Addictions are, after all, about feeding a compelling urge, and one of the greatest human urges is the yearning to feel connected and a part of something larger. Nothing satisfies this particular urge like logging on and being social with the masses at any hour of the day or night.

So let me ask, how many hours do you spend on social media everyday? do not try to justify it, how many? 7,12, 15 hours? Seriously even if you are a social Media Consultant, A pro Blogger, An Internet Geek..spending great amount of your day amounts to one thing (You are Addicted). Now tell me you just convinced yourself thats the way to go but if Social Media suddenly disappeared, what do you think is left of your present life? you judge. I mean, We’ve all seen it. The person you’re talking to checks her Facebook status while you’re engrossed in conversation, thinking you won’t notice, Your friend is busy Trending on twitter while you are in a meeting. Social media is all well and good, but what do you do when you’ve gone too far?

One thing though, We are in a Social Media Addicted Society but you don’t need to be.

Wait, Why are we addicted? Social media addiction might be spurred by feelings of low self-esteem, according to a BrainBlogger post

…it has been noted that there may be a correlation between low self-esteem and a sense of social inadequacy and social network addiction. It seems that many types of social interaction which would present great challenges in the real world for certain types of individuals have been rendered much easier for them in the virtual world, thus putting them at a higher risk of becoming addicted to Facebook and the like.

Okay, so ask yourself, Hope you are not using Social Media to hide your low-self esteem? Whether its a yes or no, you can be better than that addict.

Still not sure if you are an addict? What do you answer to the following Questions

  • Do you Check Facebook or Twitter first thing in the morning, before you shower or have your morning coffee?
  • Do you turn your computer monitor around so co-workers can’t see how much time you spend checking your personal Facebook, Digg and Twitter accounts at work?
  • Do you wake up in the middle of the night to check Twitter to see if you’ve been mentioned?
  • Do you panic when you are 3 hours without your fone or social connection or feel like something is missing when you go on vacation and can’t check social media accounts?
  • Do you social media to forget about your personal problems, just like alcoholics do?
  • Do you Spend more time interacting with people on social sites than in person?
  • You have tried to cut down on the use of Facebook without success.
  • You fill up your friends’ Facebook walls with  your own posts?
  • You get stay so long on social media, get bored and thats why you still wanna be cos its like the only place where you find happiness?

Well, I guess you can answer the Question yourself, You are an Addict but like i said you are not alone you just need to work at your own addiction.

The idea is if you depend on social media for your pleasure, it’s time to step back. Track how much time you’re spending on social sites, and make an effort to cut back. If you can’t do it on your own, try a new tool i discovered that can help you cut down on your Internet usage MacFreedom  so that you can work offline without temptation.

Like someone said, Work a day and weekend without your social medias, you can be pretty sure, your social “friends” won’t miss you that much.