What do you know about your Laptop Battery?

Every laptop has a certain battery life and we notice that down the line after some months of usage, battery life reduces and sometimes dies out and some users claim that the laptop brand is not good because of that. I for one have always believed that the way you use your laptop matters because as an electronic device, you need to optimize the usage to get the best out of it. Sleeping on that, i stumbled on Thomas Mikaelson article listing five ways of doing that and an interesting info graphics from batteries.com you should see.
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HP to build new TouchPAD’s to meet Demand

Barely two weeks agos, HP reduces its Touchpad’s Tablet price from 500 USD to 400USD and then to 99USD for it to get the needed sell out after a poor sales return following the release. However, after the recent sell out, the company that was looking to close shop of the HP TouchPad and WebOS is actually now in the business of developing more new TouchPAD’s probably at the same price to maintain a developing WebOS ecosystem since its already out there.
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Google buys Motorola: the Dark age theory

This post by Gene Marks on forbes.com about the Google Motorola deal is just insightful and i couldn’t help but leave a link for you to read about it. With this acquisition, we’ll be having Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle if it makes a bid for HP as rumored to fill our Tech world. Lets just say the once divergent Software-Hardware world is becoming one again and now it wont be the Giant Microsoft or the Giant Google, It will be the Giant Four(4) in the mobile, smartphone, new tech devices world.

Google buys Motorola, Oracle wants to buy HP, Apple has its own Hardware and Software which has paid off for Apple over the years, Microsoft might wake up tomorrow and buy Dell and then the new ecosystem Pac begins.
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HP’s TouchPad to be returned to factory: Bad sales…Huh

Best Buy¬† is sitting on more than 200,000 unsold TouchPads, and is threatening to send them back to HP. Arik Hesseldahl at AllThingsD reports that Best Buy ordered 270,000 of the HP tablets, which launched last month to mediocre reviews. So far, it’s sold only 25,000. And even that number may be high, as it doesn’t account for returns.

Earlier, I wrote about the SmartPhone Marketshare where WebOS is not showing too many signs http://www.flukkytom.com/?p=2032. I think i’ll go with Matt that the only hope for WebOS is if HP licenses it to phone makers currently trapped between Google-Motorola and Microsoft-Nokia.
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Nigeria signs $29M deal with HP

The Federal Government of Nigeria has signed a multimillion dollar contract with Hewlett Packard (HP) Nigeria for the establishment of Government Integrated Financial and Management Information System (GIFMIS).

The contract valued at over $29 million (about N4.3 billion) is aimed at boosting the implementation of national budgets.

Chairman of the GIFMIS Steering Committee and federal government Accountant General, Abiodun Ogunsanya, said in Abuja that the system would achieve effective public financial management within the Federal Government of Nigeria.

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