Facebook Jobs – the TakeOver Job Portal from Facebook


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Facebook looks set to enter the Online Professional services with Facebook Jobs, It is set to launch later this summer, according to a report by the WSJ. “Facebook Jobs” will be an aggregator that pulls in job postings by third party providers and makes them available in one place and creates a searchable database of jobs for users to browse (forbes).

I heard this news and was wondering what will happen to the Job services Apps on Facebook? Facebook’s social graph can be leveraged by job posting and recruitment apps like BranchOut, JobVite, Work4 Labs and Glassdoor. These apps have attracted millions of users in months thanks to the inherent viral nature of the network. Facebook is not cutting them off, but rather partnering with them to become a comprehensive social recruitment solution.

The biggest threat however may be to LinkedIn whose primary target is for online professional profiles and Job postings. With a 900 Monthly base to a 150 Million of that LinkedIn, If Facebook plays this right, It might yet be the new saving grace to heard out into winning ways.

I mean look at it from this angle. Social + Professional, isn’t this our life already? If this hooks up in one portal then its a gain or loss depending on how you look at it but with Facebook demographic Information which has helped targeted Ads to sales organization, The Power of Facebook Jobs might be unlimited. From Professional job posting to Social Job postings and … the graph can only go high for Facebook.

One Question though, Hope Google isn’t cooking anything similar in the cupboard?

Twitter says Bye Bye to LinkedIn Integration

As of 30th June, 2012, you will no longer be able to sync your tweets to your LinkedIn profile. In a blog post, LinkedIn explained that it will turn off its tweet stream, which has been available for the past two-and-a-half years, as a result of “Twitter’s evolving platform efforts.” A post from Twitter re-emphasized something it had said over a year ago that it would not look fondly upon developers who use Twitter’s APIs to “build client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience.” Back then, the post led to concerns that Twitter was about to immediately cut off 3rd party apps.

From LinkedIn’s Post, Moving forward, you will still be able to share your updates with your Twitter audience by posting them on LinkedIn.

How can I continue to share updates on both LinkedIn and Twitter?

Initiate the conversation on LinkedIn. Simply compose your update, check the box with the Twitter icon, and click “Share.” This will automatically push your update to both your LinkedIn connections and your Twitter followers just as you’ve been able to do previously.

What changes can I expect to see on LinkedIn?

If you had previously synced your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, and selected the option to share Tweets on LinkedIn, those Tweets generated from Twitter will no longer appear on LinkedIn.  There will be no other changes to your LinkedIn experience.

Professional conversations are happening every day on LinkedIn, and we encourage you to take part in these dialogues. If you have any further questions about what this means for your synced LinkedIn and Twitter accounts

Microsoft buys Yammer for $1.2bn

Microsoft has bought the four-year-old business social network Yammer for $1.2bn (£770m) as the software giant steps up its battle with Google for the future of technology in the workplace.

The purchase of Yammer, dubbed “Facebook for the workplace”, is the latest instalment in Microsoft’s bid to protect its dominant Office products from a challenge by Google. The service claims to have more than 5 million corporate users at groups including Barclaycard, Ford, Groupon and the BBC.

It comes little more than a year after Microsoft paid $8.5bn for the video-calling firm Skype in the biggest acquisition in the company’s 37-year history.
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Your Life Timeline offered by LinkedIn Labs

“See the who, when, and where of your connections over the entire span of your career so far” – Thats the spirit with LinkedIn Timeline

LinkedIn added a new coin to the Lab bag called the LinkedIn Connection Timeline. It’s a very nice way to remember people you used to work with throughout the years – and see where they are now. The visualization does a good job illustrating wealth of information available via social data and was built internally by LinkedIn’s Gordon Koo.

Hoping too see other social sites like facebook, twitter do this one day, I think it’ll be a good shortcut to know who is and where i met who?

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Social Web Identity Infographics

The world have grown in a lot of ways and on the web, its a different ball game. Every day people sign in, register and subscribe for one service or the other and over the past years some social media have proven to be stable and useful than the others. And today we login to more than five different websites just to get by the day, facebook, gmail, youtube just to mention a few. The infographic from Gigya illustrates the ways people identify themselves. “We need to think about how identity is associated with our social profiles, how we use virtualization to enhance security and as a way to administer apps, and how those apps are used

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