[FAKE, SCAM, BEWARE] Liberty Reserve SCAM Site – Beware..libretyeserve.com

Ok so just like that, i got a message that my Liberty Reserve account has been suspended and as a sharp boy, i had to do some double check and it turns out its another fake site in town.

Na lie, they made the site look like Liberty reserve and its just a perfect scam

site is: http://libretyeserve.com/en/login

remember, the original site is http://www.libertyreserve.com/

Beware ……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liberty Reserve is not asking for a new acceptance of terms and conditions

The message i got…

Dear Valued Customer
We have suspended your account because you have not accepted our Terms of Service.
We understand that this may be an inconvenience but please understand that this temporary limitation is for your protection.
How can I restore my account access? Click the link below and confirm your Liberty Reserve account information,

Please click on the following link to update your account Terms of Service (ToS):


Please DO NOT reply to this e mail.

Thank you.

“Growth begins when we begin to accept our own weakness”- says Yahoo Voices Hackers

Yahoo Voices Security service appears to have been compromised early this (Thursday ) morning. A list titled “Owned and Exposed” which is “brought to you by the D33Ds Company” was posted online revealing a number of details for the service including all of the email addresses and passwords for Yahoo Voices’ 450,000 users.

The site hosting the information is intermittently down; however, we were able to open the document and verify that it does in fact contain user emails and password data.

At the end of the document the group remarks that it posted the information to be a “Wake-up call” rather than a threat.

“We hope that the parties responsible for managing the security of this subdomain will take this as a wake-up call, and not as a threat,” the document says. “There have been many security holes exploited in webservers belonging to Yahoo! Inc. that have caused far greater damage than our disclosure.

“Please do not take them lightly. The subdomain and vulnerable parameters have not been posted to avoid further damage.”

The group also included this quote from Jean Vanier in its closing remarks: “Growth begins when we begin to accept our own weakness.”

Source : Mashable

Quick Start Guide to Online Business

So you have an idea and then you have decided its time to go online and push the limit of your business and idea, below are some quick action steps to your startup, marketing and business growth.


1. Write the Idea/Business Down and know what exactly you want to sell/give/market to the world.
2. Get a Domain name that will host your business, Unless this is social business, sometimes its better to go with a name that clamps on your existing business name if it is.
3. Get a hosting company to host your website (Talk to Primax) or a host of others out there. For a startup, you fees can be very very less
4. The Design: While you can talk to designers for your site, You can actually design your site yourself with a host of CMS available out there. Most used is WordPress, you also have JoomLa, Drupal, Modx and a host of others to choose from
5. Set up your Social Networks: Setup a facebook Page, A Twitter account and make them active.
6. Advertise/Market your business via Facebook, Google, Yahoo and other engines out there, Email marketing too works wonders also bulk sms helps you connect with your clients
7. Make money from your site using google adsense, adbrite, affiliate marketing and other Local Advertising opportunities

Well, after the above, get busy, track your progress, get better and enjoy your new online world. It takes time but if you are really reaching out, Out there will reach out back to you.

Want more information? olutola.obembe@primaxng.com

Data Virtualization Solutions

Data Virtualization Solutions have grown in the IT industry today and we look out for ways to use this technology to meet both Business and Corporate needs. Composite Software brings the usage Patterns into 5 simple ways to provide more agile, lower cost data integration approach that overcomes data complexity and disparate silos to provide business with the timely information it needs to meet today’s ever-changing business requirements.

Data Virtualization Usage Patterns

Composite flexibly supports all of the data virtualization usage patterns typical in today’s complex IT environments including:

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