Samsung Gains Tablet Share as Apple Drops

Apple‘s tablet market share has dropped to 50.4% in Q3 2012, down from 59.7% in the same period last year, IDC’s latest report reveals.

Samsung, on the other hand, has experienced huge growth, jumping from 6.5% to 18.4% in that same period. Amazon holds the third place with 9%, followed by Asus with 8.6% and Lenovo with 1.4%.

The old Silicon Valley joke, which claimed that “there is no tablet market, only an iPad market,” is obviously no longer true. According to IDC’s numbers, Samsung shipped 5.1 million tablets worldwide in 3Q12, up 115% from 2Q12 and 325% from 3Q11.

Things are looking very good for Amazon, also, whose rapidly expanding Kindle Fire lineup has helped it double its market share quarter-over-quarter.

Of course, Apple’s most important product of the year — the iPad mini — has just hit the market, and its effects will be seen in the next quarter. It’ll be interesting to see if it helps Apple grab a piece of its old market share back

Source: Mashable

So cool – Samsung pays $1 Billion Fine with Coins in 30 Trucks

his is probably the funniest geeky moved of the 21st century as samsung mobile paid their court fine to Apple with 30 trucks filled with Coins….. This is just so kewl.

Okay so maybe its true or not, I will call Tim Cook and find out…but before then, enjoy the hilarious truth or Joke

On Sept 6, More than 30 trucks filled with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. Initially, the security company that protects the facility said the trucks were in the wrong place, but minutes later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a call from Samsung CEO explaining that they will pay $1 billion dollars for the fine recently ruled against the South Korean company in this way.

The funny part is that the signed document does not specify a single payment method, so Samsung is entitled to send the creators of the iPhone their billion dollars in the way they deem best.

This dirty but genius geek troll play is a new headache to Apple executives as they will need to put in long hours counting all that money, to check if it is all there and to try to deposit it crossing fingers to hope a bank will accept all the coins.

Lee Kun-hee, Chairman of Samsung Electronics, told the media that his company is not going to be intimidated by a group of “geeks with style” and that if they want to play dirty, they also know how to do it.

You can use your coins to buy refreshments at the little machine for life or melt the coins to make computers, that’s not my problem, I already paid them and fulfilled the law. A total of 20 billion coins, delivery hope to finish this week. There is only one way to sum this story up CLASSIC!

CLASSIC – nah, I say this is ballistic

Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion sending 30 trucks full of 5 cent coins

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Phone {4.0} + Galaxy Nexus

Google’s next iteration of its mobile operating system has officially been dubbed Android 4.0 and it will be available for the first time on Samsung’s new Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

The two companies lifted the curtain on the OS affectionately known as Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus smartphone that will be the first to run it in Hong Kong late Tuesday evening (promotional video below). Google said Android 4.0 would be immediately available to developers. Samsung will begin shipping the Galaxy Nexus worldwide in November.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s new with Android 4.0:

A new lockscreen. Ice Cream Sandwich is ditching passwords for facial recognition technology to unlock phones. Unfortunately for Google, this particular feature failed badly during Tuesday’s Hong Kong demo. The new Face Unlock feature did manage to lock out a non-owner of the demo phone, but somewhat comically, it wouldn’t let the legitimate owner in either.

Google has done a couple of other things with its lockscreen and homepage with Android 4.0. You can now swipe a locked phone directly to the camera function and begin taking pictures from your smartphone immediately. Android 4.0 also features some pretty cool screensaver art for the homepage and a new San Serif typeface built just for Ice Cream Sandwich called Roboto.

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Apple sues Samsung over Galaxy Phones…who’s next?

Apple has filed a lawsuit against Samsung, alleging that the consumer electronics giant has violated Apple’s intellectual property in the design of its mobile devices.

The suit, which was filed last week Friday and picked up on by The Wall Street Journal, takes aim specifically at the Galaxy series of smartphones and tablets, as well as other Samsung smartphones, for “copying” Apple’s user interface and design features. In it, Apple–the maker of the trend-setting iPhone and iPad–claims Samsung is infringing on its patents and is practicing unfair competition.

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Samsung Apps Developer’s Contest: Nigeria

Samsung is having a developers’ challenge as a way of showcasing Nigeria’s talent and developing applications into the market place. This will involve inviting talented developers to develop and submit applications. Check contest site at So if you are a developer, here is a chance to show yourself or make some dough. Funny enough, With less than a week to go (check timeline below), only 10 Apps has been submitted, Seriously, is this the best Naija can do? I doubt that!!!
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