Anything-As-a-Service (AaaS) – The next Cloud Concept

We have heard and talked about Cloud Computing, Models and System and the increasing adoption by todays big firms and corporate organisation. But the adoption brings question about security, loss pf privacy and unauthorized access to confidential data but nonetheless businesses still see the cloud as a way to go, with even the mobile business entering large era of Cloud system ad Tablet Cloud Apps.

Today the three defined Model of Cloud IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS has taking off with IBM, Amazon-rds, Windows Azure, CloudFoundry, RackSpace, Oracle, Heroku, Google just to mention a few and even Telecoms branches in with Content Cloud. The idea Cloud has brought is the global reach of throwing Service directly in front ahead of Products and everything is going Service Oriented even Products.

Okay today, I say the 3 large models cannot define what we have in the service industry today, i wish i could define SaaS (Service-As-A-Service) or Product-As-A-Service (PaaS2) so inshort i think we should rebuild the Model with the top being AaaS (Anything-As-A-Service) before breaking down to either Platform, Software, Infrastructure, Products or whatever it maybe.

Well, i guess putting it like that gives Cloud Computing a Service-Like Definition which includes the enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources, whatever the resource can be that can be shared in the service-sphere is good to go. As said earlier, Startups run on Cloud systems, Apps fly fastest on the Cloud, even conceptual services are now branded in the cloud. Simply put, since anything can be taken to the Cloud-base level then AaaS is a broader model mother for Cloud.

Okay, I know Anything in AaaS sounds not professional so should we try EaaS (Everything-As-A-Service)?

#Just Saying ….

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Finally, after long years of ICT related divergence Ministries, bodies, laws, policy and efforts in various directions, there is a move to work through one focal point which I think for once is very good.

Download the Draft here from the Ministry of Communications Technology Website

I read Gbenga Sesan’s view on this draft and i share some of his thots as do the following.

Firstly, Section 6 which mentioned naming the ministry “Ministry of Communications and Information Technology” and bringing other related ICT agencies under its purview should be embraced. While name doesn’t depicts the Ministry’s actions, there is a need to pursue this vision under the right naming convention cos everything ICT is not inside Communications Technology and even down the Draft, the term ICT was used through out stating the ministry of CT left as an important I missing from its name.

Google buys Motorola: the Dark age theory

This post by Gene Marks on about the Google Motorola deal is just insightful and i couldn’t help but leave a link for you to read about it. With this acquisition, we’ll be having Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle if it makes a bid for HP as rumored to fill our Tech world. Lets just say the once divergent Software-Hardware world is becoming one again and now it wont be the Giant Microsoft or the Giant Google, It will be the Giant Four(4) in the mobile, smartphone, new tech devices world.

Google buys Motorola, Oracle wants to buy HP, Apple has its own Hardware and Software which has paid off for Apple over the years, Microsoft might wake up tomorrow and buy Dell and then the new ecosystem Pac begins.
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Imagine Cup 2011 Winners

Microsoft Corp. yesterday 13th July, 2011 announced the winners of the 9th annual Microsoft Imagine Cup, the world’s premier student technology competition, honoring student innovations that address global problems such as improving road and fire safety, eradicating poverty, and creating a more sustainable environment. The company also unveiled plans to launch a three-year, $3 million competitive grant program to help recipients realize their vision of solving the world’s toughest problems.
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Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011: Vote Nigeria (FUTA)


Earlier this May, three students from the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) have emerged the winning team of the 2011 Microsoft Nigeria Imagine Cup. The competition is a global student competition which centers on the use of imagination, creativity and technology to help solve some of the world’s toughest problems.

The FUTA students who presented a software application tagged Medicare on behalf of their team Nerds Inc at the event held at the Centre for Information Technology and Systems, University of Lagos was among the 10 teams made up of students from various tertiary institutions from across the country who competed during a challenging day of presentations.

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Is Data the next Money Spinner?

If what Stephen O’Grady (RedMonk co-founder and analyst) say is true then maybe data is the next money spinner or has it already been? According to O’Grady there are four generations of software companies and they are:

  1. First Generation (IBM) “The money is in the hardware, not the software”
  2. Second Generation (Microsoft) “Actually, the money is in the software”
  3. Third Generation (Google) “The money is not in the software, but it is differentiating”
  4. Fourth Generation (Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin) “Software is not even differentiating, the value is the data”

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ICT in Nigeria – a focus on eGovernment

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an umbrella term that covers all technical means for processing and communicating information, simply state its the marraige of Information Technology and Communication Technology. eGovernment however can be s defined as the use of information and communication technology to enhance access to, and delivery of government services for the  benefit of all. The I.T sector is said to have been liberalized since 1992, so 2010 i ask have we grown to that age in I.T?

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