Facebook launches Verified Pages, authenticating accounts like Twitter

Facebook today announced the launch of verified pages and profiles, which will make it easier for users to find official fan pages and accounts for top brands, celebrities, government officials and other public figures.

Like on Twitter, verified accounts on Facebook will be denoted with a small blue icon with a checkmark in it. It will appear next to the user or page’s name on their Timeline, in search results and elsewhere around Facebook.

Facebook Verified Pages

Verified Pages belong to a small group of prominent public figures (celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and businesses) with large audiences. This update is rolling out to profiles as well.

Although Twitter has had verified accounts for years, Facebook did not, even when it began its push to get celebrities on the platform with the launch of its subscribe feature, now called “follow.”

Twitter Header Design – Have you changed your Profile yet?

Twitter announced a new look for profile pages on NBC’s Today Tuesday and many users have already begun the process of updating their profiles. With the new profile pages, Twitter users can now add header images similar to those featured on Facebook and Google+ profiles. What’s more, your avatar is now featured front and center in that image, rather than in the top corner of the page.

Dont worry, i changed mine already and the Header looks like below …see my profile for a full “How it looks” –https://twitter.com/flukkytom

So How do you Change yours? Its all in Twitter Sphere. First, take a look at your new Twitter Profile page. No, not your homepage, the page that’s called “Me” on Twitter’s website.

  1. Go to your twitter settings page or click https://twitter.com/settings/design
  2. Click on the “Design” on the left Menu Bar
  3. Scroll down to the “Customize your own” Section and you will see the change header
  4. Voila…Select you image and save and there you go … your new twitter seat is here

Nice han ….yeah, i know…



First, take a look at your new Twitter Profile page. No, not your homepage, the page that’s called “Me” on Twitter’s website and on your favorite mobile app. You can make the change through Twitter’s website (via https://twitter.com/settings/design)

Does Twitter have a Maximum Capacity?

Well, Thats the Question that came to my mind when i tried to access twitter and it told me its over capacity, I find that hard to believe – wait, what does that even mean? It simply means twitter users are growing and twitter infrastructure is suffering – maybe?

I taught twitter was build so that the whole 6 billion can talk tiny or haven’t they envisaged up to that point? With over 500 Million users and over 350 Million tweets daily, I wanted to believe they have a scalable system that could allow at least 50% daily increase on every side – maybe i was wrong.

So twitter i will wait but we believe you can do better …am told to check the status page but i cant find anything about Over-Capacity …hmmm


Are you a Social Media Addict? Find Out

Ok I know you have a Facebook account cos we all do and its already an integral part of our lives. And then there is twitter where you get the information trending on the fly and there is digg, bbm, reddit, pininterest, and oh the new instagram and the list of social engagements we live on are becoming endless. No doubt its the world we live in right now but then are you asking like i am now if you are addicted to it? Or you just keep telling yourself, Its trending so why not join the ship….?

There is a study from Uni.Chicago that social media is now even more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol. What are addictions? Addictions are, after all, about feeding a compelling urge, and one of the greatest human urges is the yearning to feel connected and a part of something larger. Nothing satisfies this particular urge like logging on and being social with the masses at any hour of the day or night.

So let me ask, how many hours do you spend on social media everyday? do not try to justify it, how many? 7,12, 15 hours? Seriously even if you are a social Media Consultant, A pro Blogger, An Internet Geek..spending great amount of your day amounts to one thing (You are Addicted). Now tell me you just convinced yourself thats the way to go but if Social Media suddenly disappeared, what do you think is left of your present life? you judge. I mean, We’ve all seen it. The person you’re talking to checks her Facebook status while you’re engrossed in conversation, thinking you won’t notice, Your friend is busy Trending on twitter while you are in a meeting. Social media is all well and good, but what do you do when you’ve gone too far?

One thing though, We are in a Social Media Addicted Society but you don’t need to be.

Wait, Why are we addicted? Social media addiction might be spurred by feelings of low self-esteem, according to a BrainBlogger post

…it has been noted that there may be a correlation between low self-esteem and a sense of social inadequacy and social network addiction. It seems that many types of social interaction which would present great challenges in the real world for certain types of individuals have been rendered much easier for them in the virtual world, thus putting them at a higher risk of becoming addicted to Facebook and the like.

Okay, so ask yourself, Hope you are not using Social Media to hide your low-self esteem? Whether its a yes or no, you can be better than that addict.

Still not sure if you are an addict? What do you answer to the following Questions

  • Do you Check Facebook or Twitter first thing in the morning, before you shower or have your morning coffee?
  • Do you turn your computer monitor around so co-workers can’t see how much time you spend checking your personal Facebook, Digg and Twitter accounts at work?
  • Do you wake up in the middle of the night to check Twitter to see if you’ve been mentioned?
  • Do you panic when you are 3 hours without your fone or social connection or feel like something is missing when you go on vacation and can’t check social media accounts?
  • Do you social media to forget about your personal problems, just like alcoholics do?
  • Do you Spend more time interacting with people on social sites than in person?
  • You have tried to cut down on the use of Facebook without success.
  • You fill up your friends’ Facebook walls with  your own posts?
  • You get stay so long on social media, get bored and thats why you still wanna be cos its like the only place where you find happiness?

Well, I guess you can answer the Question yourself, You are an Addict but like i said you are not alone you just need to work at your own addiction.

The idea is if you depend on social media for your pleasure, it’s time to step back. Track how much time you’re spending on social sites, and make an effort to cut back. If you can’t do it on your own, try a new tool i discovered that can help you cut down on your Internet usage MacFreedom  so that you can work offline without temptation.

Like someone said, Work a day and weekend without your social medias, you can be pretty sure, your social “friends” won’t miss you that much.



Google+ After 12 Months…Numbers look Good, what do you Think?

Google+ started last year just like that and everybody asks why another social network, What was Google thinking going into Social Networking, What, How , Why? Well, 12 months later it appears that it is now the third largest social network in the English speaking world behind Twitter and of course Facebook. In the English Speaking world i say because in Asia, the like of Sina and Baidu have crazy user rate of about 300M+.

However, with the growing stats and the present failings of facebook, Should we assume that it is now possible that Google+ will be knocking on Facebook’s door within a couple years? Well that depends on the future anyways. But the present 2 to 3 years promises to be Mobile + Tablet years where Google will have an edge with Android and its new Google Nexus, I dare say Google will pick an edge in a way sooner or later.

So what is Google+ achievement over the past 12 months, Stats say Google+ has reached an amazing 250M+ Users including me…The actual numbers that Google+ has just announced at the I/O conference is that in just one year it has grown from zero to 250 million plus users. now that is huge, with a 50% growth in 3 years, G+ may be stricking 800M users that is of course if the social network is still the way we live.

What are some of the other facts, figures and statistics that are worth noting.

  • 150 million monthly users
  • 75 million daily users
  • Google+ active users spend over 60 minutes a day across Google products
  • Google+ users spend on average 12 minutes per day in the Google+ (that is 360 minutes per month which compares very favorably to Facebooks 441 minutes per month)

So what to do you think? Do you think Google+ really as a shot or its just really another Social Network?

Is it easy to use or just a 2nd social network you remember to keep an account on?

Do you enjoy G+ features like the Circles, Hangouts and Events and really think G+ has a shot?

What do you think of Google+ shot at being #1?

Twitter says Bye Bye to LinkedIn Integration

As of 30th June, 2012, you will no longer be able to sync your tweets to your LinkedIn profile. In a blog post, LinkedIn explained that it will turn off its tweet stream, which has been available for the past two-and-a-half years, as a result of “Twitter’s evolving platform efforts.” A post from Twitter re-emphasized something it had said over a year ago that it would not look fondly upon developers who use Twitter’s APIs to “build client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience.” Back then, the post led to concerns that Twitter was about to immediately cut off 3rd party apps.

From LinkedIn’s Post, Moving forward, you will still be able to share your updates with your Twitter audience by posting them on LinkedIn.

How can I continue to share updates on both LinkedIn and Twitter?

Initiate the conversation on LinkedIn. Simply compose your update, check the box with the Twitter icon, and click “Share.” This will automatically push your update to both your LinkedIn connections and your Twitter followers just as you’ve been able to do previously.

What changes can I expect to see on LinkedIn?

If you had previously synced your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, and selected the option to share Tweets on LinkedIn, those Tweets generated from Twitter will no longer appear on LinkedIn.  There will be no other changes to your LinkedIn experience.

Professional conversations are happening every day on LinkedIn, and we encourage you to take part in these dialogues. If you have any further questions about what this means for your synced LinkedIn and Twitter accounts

YouTube and PinInterest Collabo: Whats Youtube Pinning?

YouTube is getting in on the Pinterestaction — by launching an account of its own, the online video company announced Thursday.

Videos will be posted to one of several Pinterest YouTube boards themed around topics including crafts, lifestyle tips, beauty, food and fitness.

YouTube says it will also have numerous additional boards categorizing the videos it posts.

In Thursday’s post on YouTube’s blog, the company points out that it already has accounts on other major social networking sites including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
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Give your Twitter Usage a Boost with TweetDeck

Everything is right there on twitter but you have to move with one click after another to see your tweets, interactions, messages and so on. I was wondering isnt there something that could bring this to me in a better way? That Question was answered by TweetDeck.

TweetDeck is an app that brings more flexibility and insight to power users.

With TweetDeck, You get an arranged Twitter Display and some of its features include

  • Arrange your feeds with different customizations
  • Helps you create multiple filters so you can focus on your main tweet likes
  • Scheduling Tweets to a time ahead (nice?)
  • Monitor and manage unlimited accounts
  • Stay up to date with notification alerts for new Tweets and many more

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