I read this post from Richard Darell and cannot but want to write about it or not want to share it. If you have been using the Internet since it became popular sometime during the late ’80s or the beginning of the ’90s, you know that it has changed significantly since then. Our entire society revolves around it now, and seemingly every technology company is putting some effort into converting their products into online gadgets. It doesn’t matter if it is a toaster or the latest smartphone, they are all being modified with each model, and it won’t be long before you can’t even buy a gadget or appliance without having to plug it into the Internet. The Internet has become so popular that we now spend more time online than we spend outside in the real world. That means that we’re actually online even when we’re outside.

Do you want to refute that? How many hours have you spent today on google, facebook, gmail , outlook, yahoo, twitter, linkedin today alone? Ohh, how can i not add your blackberry, iphone, and others…so you see, you are online even when you are outside.