The Apps for Development Competition aims to bring together the best ideas from both the software developer and the development practitioner communities to create innovative apps using World Bank data.

The Competition challenges participants to develop software applications related to one or more of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Submissions may be any kind of software application, be it for the web, a personal computer, a mobile handheld device, console, SMS, or any software platform broadly available to the public. The only other requirement is that the proposed application use one or more datasets from the World Bank Data Catalog available at

Applications submitted to the Competition should address at least one of the following objectives:

  1. Raise awareness of at least one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), or
  2. Contribute to progress toward meeting one of the MDGs by 2015.

How to enter

Interested participants must register for the contest on this webpage by creating an account between October 7, 2010, and January 10, 2011. Registrants will receive an email, which they must use to verify their account. Once registered, participants may enter their submissions via the Submit Application tab. In order to be considered, each submission must include: a link to the application, a video of the application, a text-based description of the application, and at least one still photograph of the working application.

The Apps for Development site contains all the details of the Competition with Services, API and the contains all the Data Repositories to develop your App.

API Data for Developers:

Open Data

The World Bank’s Open Data Initiative launched April 20, 2010 and made key data sets freely available. Data sets such as the World Development Indicators (with 1000 indicators), Africa Development Indicators and Millennium Development Goal (MDG) indicators are now available in several languages.

To access the World Bank Data Catalog:

To view the competition website, please visit

View World Bank President Robert B. Zoellick video announcement:

For info about the MDGs:

To learn more about The World Bank’s work, please visit

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